The Best Laid Plans

Updated: July 3, 2013

I took up Civil Engineering in college with dreams of pursuing a career in the field of construction. In fact, one of my earliest goals was to have a famous landmark with my name on the blueprint.

However, after a few years of working, I began to wonder if life has something else planned for me. Not that I hated my job, I actually loved what I did – but somehow, I started to ask myself if there’s anything else I should be doing.

At first, I thought I was just being silly, but as months went by – that curious “call to adventure” became stronger and more persistent.

I told my friends about it and they dismissed my thoughts and said that I was just experiencing Quarter Life Crisis. I believed them at first, and started to do freelance work to keep myself busy, as prescribed by my friends.

The “voice” became silent, but only for a while. Because after almost a year, it came back and it now had a name, Entrepreneurship.


Starting my own business was never part of my plans back in college. I guess that’s because I grew up in a family of employees, where the only entrepreneurs were but distant relatives.

However, I also grew up in a family where I was taught that finding your passion and honoring your calling is one of the best things you can do with your life – and so that’s what I did.

Finding the resolve to quit my job, leave my engineering career and start my own business is not exactly a walk in the park. But I knew where I wanted to be, and within a few weeks, I was able to lay the best plan that I could think of to achieve that goal.

My personal finances went into the forefront of my priorities; proper time management became my discipline; and hard work became a habit. Without role models or mentors close to me, I pursued entrepreneurship by self-study, trial and error, and learned it one step at a time with experience.

Through patience, persistence and proper planning – I finally achieved my goal to become an entrepreneur after a couple of years. A goal that will eventually become a stepping stone for higher and more ambitious goals, because after all, success is not a destination, but a continuous journey.


In this decade-long adventure, one partner was always on my side – my Globe Postpaid. I’ve been a subscriber for as long as I can remember, because they’ve always provided me with the best plans that complement my needs, in each phase of my “adventure”.

When I was an employee, and people were still on Friendster, text messaging was my main form of communication to my colleagues, friends and family. Back then, my GText Postpaid Plan provided the most cost-efficient solution to my need to stay in touch.

But as I begin my transition towards freelancing and entrepreneurship, I needed to call people more often – mostly to get in touch with clients and follow-up orders from suppliers. This was when I shifted towards the GFlex Postpaid Plan, which provided me with more flexible rates for text messaging and voice calls.

Then lastly, as a full-time entrepreneur, blogger and tech startup co-founder, my need to be constantly online wherever I am became of utmost importance.

And that’s why I shifted to Globe’s Data Plans, which now provides my mobile computing and telecommunication needs.


The good news is, Globe Telecom has recently rolled out their next-generation postpaid plan that allows subscribers to get more than what they pay for with a plan value that is almost twice the value of prepaid load.

Now, each plan has a corresponding ‘peso value’ (PV) which can be converted to avail of a combination of call, text or surf services, free or discounted gadgets, and a monthly consumable amount for more calls, texts, and surf, taking plan customization and personalization to the next level.

For example, subscribers can choose from Plan 299 with a P500 monthly PV, Plan 499 with P900 PV, Plan 999 with P1700 PV, Plan 1799 with P3200 PV, Plan 2499 with P4400 PV, or Plan 3799 with P6500 PV.

With the allocated PV for each plan, subscribers can personalize their plans and choose the best combination of consumables, combo services, and gadgets that best fit their needs and preferences. Also available are the Unli Plan and the all-new Family Plan where subscribers can get as much as eleven (11) lines under one account.


Moreover, subscribers also get the full flexibility in a postpaid plan with more contract period options to choose from. And subscribers can also choose a gadget with no or minimum cash out as well as the contract period of their preference using the peso value from their plan.

From a 24-month lock-up, the best-ever MySuperPlan now offers contract periods from 6, 12, 18 and 30 months. Subscribers not availing of any handset can also get a plan with no lock-up period. Now that’s real value for your money, with the country’s leading postpaid service provider.

To know more about the best-ever MySuperPlan, you can visit their website at or go to any Globe Stores nationwide, or simply call 730-1010.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Fritz, I love your blog as it makes sense and informative, especially to newbies in investing like me. What makes it better and refreshing was it’s neutrality. This blog in particular started up as such but seems to end up as a commercial and a sales pitch :(…what’s up?

  2. Hi Elmor, I’m sorry you feel that way.

    One of my income streams in this blog is featuring products. But as part of my terms for advertisers, and in the interest of editorial integrity, I will always write from my own experience and perspective, and not accept pre-written articles from the advertisers.

    Everything I shared above, which includes being a long-time Globe Postpaid subscriber and how I utilized my plans to address my telecommunication needs, are all true.

    But most importantly, it is my policy to admit such information so as not to mislead readers. Thus, the disclosure at the end of the article, that this is a sponsored post.

    Thank you for the comment, and rest assured, I will continue to write helpful and informative blogs here multiple times more than these advertorials.

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