1. Hi Fitz,

    In the latter part of 2012, I tried investing in a fixed income mutual fund.i never really had a specific timeline in mind. I just invested with the thought of just leaving the money there for as long as possible.
    It was fairly recently that i realized that i should’ve invested the money in a high risk mf Now that im pretty sure about not touching it for a long time.

    I dont want to go through the hassle of pulling it out and moving it to a higher risk fund.

    Anyway, aside from not being able to maximize the potential earnings if it sits in a low risk type of fund, what else could i be potentially missing?

  2. Hi av,

    You’re not missing anything else actually. My suggestion is to just allot the money in that fixed income mutual fund as part of your emergency fund.

    For example, if your emergency fund is P100k, which is in a simple savings account; and you have P50k invested in the fixed income fund. Then you can withdraw P50k from your savings account and invest it somewhere else.

    So now, 50% of your EF is in the savings account, and 50% is in the fixed income fund.

  3. watching “on the money” with guest fitz villafuerte brought me here…
    Hi Fitz,, im currently working here in japan and my goal is to save money until my contract ends…its my first time to work abroad and i dont know yet what to do with my savings..can you give me some advice where to invest my money?im planning to invest in mutual funds but i think i dont have enough information and knowlegde about it.which do you think is the best investment for the beginners like me?

  4. Hi Helen. As always, the best investment is in knowledge. First, save up for an emergency fund, and then look for opportunities to learn about investing before you actually invest in them. There are many resources, books and possibly seminars you can attend to help you understand mutual funds, stock market and other investments.

  5. Hi Fitz,

    I need your advice, I’m planning to invest my savings at a high-risk (as you call it) investment where in it requires 5 years minimum placement but it will yield me a higher interest rate and the latter is reprising every month. Heard of the BDO’s Premium Flexi Earner? P100K is the total money I have and I am thinking of investing the whole amount to earn a higher interest since I won’t use it within 5 years. And considering that I’m just 17 years of age and still dependent on my parents and I don’t have regular expenditures. I also consider the idea of investing only the 50% so that I have 50K on hand waiting to be spent.

    What do you suggest? I will invest my money entirely or just a partial of it?

  6. @Kent, BDO Premium Flexi Earner is not a high-risk investment, it is a time deposit account, and therefore, a very low-risk investment.

    If you’re very sure that you are financially capable of not touching the money for at least 5 years, then invest in the BDO Equity Fund UITF instead.

    But if you’re not confident that you will not need the money in 5 years, then as you suggested, leave half in a savings account and invest half in the BDO Equity Fund UITF.

  7. Hi sir i am saving up the money because we are planning to buy a house after a year is it best if i invest our house fund in a short term investment such as bpi or bdo? I dont want to take risk in equity as we would get the money after a year, also where can i buy your book? Thanks

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