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3 Secrets of Resilient People

Published: July 26, 2020 | Mindsetting | No Comments

This pandemic has brought upon a blanket of grief and uncertainly on many people. Loss of jobs, of livelihood, and most especially the loss of life have left people devastated. The question now is, how do you cope when you experience these tough moments? Resilience researcher Lucy Hone shares in her TED Talk below, the […]

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5 Life Skills I Learned or Improved On During the Quarantine

Published: May 14, 2020 | Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 2 Comments

A couple of nights ago, I was on an “online video hangout” with friends and one of them asked what were the things we learned during the quarantine. We shared some of the online courses we took, the books we read, and the things we tried; which includes making Dalgona coffee, watching documentaries on Netflix, […]

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How To Be Resilient In Times of Difficulties

Updated: August 29, 2020 | Mindsetting | 8 Comments

I was once asked by a friend if I had to choose, which one would I want: a good life, or a beautiful life. Slightly confused, I asked what’s the difference between the two. She simply said, “The good life is where everything comes easy for you; while the beautiful life is where difficulties happen […]

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