3 Secrets of Resilient People

Updated: July 26, 2020

This pandemic has brought upon a blanket of grief and uncertainly on many people. Loss of jobs, of livelihood, and most especially the loss of life have left people devastated.

The question now is, how do you cope when you experience these tough moments?

Resilience researcher Lucy Hone shares in her TED Talk below, the three hard-won strategies for developing the capacity to brave adversity, overcome struggle, and face whatever may come head-on with fortitude and grace.

3 Secrets of Resilient People

1. Suffering is a part of life.
Accept that suffering is a part of life. It is experienced by everyone. It is there in every individual who was, is, and will live on this planet.

2. Focus on things that you can change.
Build a habit of realistically appraising a situation and focus your attention on the things you can change and not on the things you can’t. It helps to tune into what’s good in your world.

It tremendously helps to think and remind yourself each night, before going to bed, at least three good things that happened to you or made you smile during the day.

3. Is what I’m doing helping or harming me?
Often ask yourself, is the way I’m thinking or the way I’m acting helpful or harmful to me? Doing this puts you on the driver seat and is a helpful guide for good decision making.

Watch the full 16-minute TED Talk below:

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