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Why You Should Plan For Retirement As Early As Possible

Updated: June 18, 2020 | Personal Finance | 2 Comments

The daughter of a friend recently graduated from college, and just got accepted at her first job. I visited their home over the weekend, and she asked if I have any advice for her, now that she’s working. Without second thoughts, I told her that she should start planning for her retirement. “Retirement? But I’m […]

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What You Need To Know About Planning For Your Retirement

Updated: March 28, 2020 | Mindsetting | 9 Comments

To retire young and to retire rich. This is the goal of most people and this WAS certainly my goal. Yes, it was my goal – something that I wanted to achieve before… but not anymore. And let me explain to you why. Retirement as a goal A lot of people work hard with dreams […]

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