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What Should Be Your Priority: House, Car, Business, or Stock Investments?

Updated: February 9, 2018 | Mindsetting, Personal Finance | 22 Comments

If you were to choose, what should be your priority – buy a house, get a car, start a business, or build your stock investments? This was the concern of a young woman, who posted this question on a Facebook group a few days ago. When I saw this on my timeline, I decided to […]

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5 Questions That Will Help You Discover Your Passion and Calling in Life

Updated: April 7, 2018 | Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 7 Comments

Finding your passion is important if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Well actually, finding your passion is important if you want to be successful, period. So how do you know your passion? How do you discover your calling in life? Asking these five questions will certainly help. Does it hurt inside if you’re […]

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When It’s Not Practical To Follow Your Passion, Then You’re Doing It Wrong

Updated: December 23, 2017 | Mindsetting | 3 Comments

Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That’s a famous advise from Confucius and you’ve probably heard it before. The real problem, however, is finding that job you’ll love. And when your stomach is hungry and the electric bill is due, you are usually left with […]

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The Power of Passion by Richard St. John

Updated: September 23, 2013 | Inspirational, Life Lessons | 1 Comment

One of the factors that lead people to success is passion. Indeed, passion is that motivating force that will help you through the obstacles of pursuing a difficult goal, such as starting your very first business. Below is an almost seven-minute video, which talks more about how powerful it is to have passion in what […]

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How To Find Your True Passion in Life

Updated: October 27, 2017 | Mindsetting | 24 Comments

Find your passion and do what you love. It will bring you happiness and success. Indeed, I believe that is true. But how do you find your passion? How do you know what it is that you truly love? For most people, discovering their true passion in life doesn’t come easy. Our family and friends […]

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Discover Your Strengths, Find Your Passion

Updated: December 17, 2017 | Mindsetting | 6 Comments

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? You may have answered these questions before, during job interviews or maybe coaching seminars, but have you ever considered thinking about it in your own time? If you’re like most people, then chances are you don’t assess your strengths and weaknesses just because you feel like it. […]

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