1. Thank you for sharing this! It is my first time to hear Steve Job’s speech. And I just love everything that he said. He’s a real inspiration.

    Coincidentally, your advice is related to my current blog post. I was also lost for some time looking for my passion. Now, I am falling in love with it. I hope the letter sender will also find his passion in life. It’s not yet too late! 😄

  2. OMG. This article stuck me! Super good timing, because I’m in the moment of finding my own passion, and I’m currently interested in hand drawn calligraphy. I watched the video of Steve Jobs and surprisingly that he also do calligraphy!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My passion in life, MAKING MONEY but not because of greed. I knew when I moved to the Philippines seven years ago, there were few employment opportunities open to a retirement age foreigner. I brought several skill sets with me, one of which is my on-line option trading business. I took my Social Security very yearly, the tradeoff being I will always receive only 70% of what I could have if I waited to full retirement age. That allowed me time to focus in more on my stock and option trading. I thank God for that skill. When my first wife had a return of cancer after 16 years of remission, we had the extra money needed until she was called home. I was able to rebuild that account and have money again to start new business here in the Philippines. For the third time, I am running up the account as our new business grows and prospers. I can take pass on the nights out and especially video games, I see all the action I need in the markets on my computer screen. God has given me “the pretty girl” as I was blessed with a wonderful woman here in the Philippines who is now my wife. My advise to a younger guy, be sure you are mature enough for marriage and chose more than a pretty face, Look for a girl who will be a partner in all you do, be sure you uplift and complement each other. Before marriage, be sure that you have that special something where you can cover each other’s weakness. Then, you have the support for the other partner to explore and develop their passions. Now, back to that money. I love what I do NOT for the status, not for the buying power or any reason most would think. My wife and I love to have extra to help others. WE never allow people to film or take pictures of what we do. We slip in and feed street kids, sometimes purchasing school supplies for those we have verified still go to school. We help disabled and elderly people. We have been able to help some very ill people and all the more because my wife also has a nursing degree so she can guide confused folks on where they should look for treatment. We have many more projects and all of this is because we were able to harness our passions in life and earn from it.

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