Penny Auction Sites in the Philippines

Updated: January 23, 2015

Bidding fee auction sites or more popularly known as penny auction sites have existed in other countries for a number of years now.

In the Philippines, a handful of them started a few years ago but all of them eventually closed down.

But with social media marketing and the growing number of Pinoys who are spending and shopping online, a new list of penny auction sites have been enjoying good success in recent months.

What is a penny auction site?

It’s a website that puts items up for bid and gives users the chance to bid on the item with very small price increments, usually 1 centavo (thus a penny auction).

The auction closes at a certain time but extends a few seconds if someone bids on the item. The bidding continues until no more bids are placed and the timer runs out.

At this point, the winning individual will then have to pay the final bid price and eventually, gets the item.

Locally, I’ve seen individuals pay only P100.91 for a brand new iPhone 4 or only P146.16 for a brand new iPad 2 among hundreds of other desirable items.

Yes, you’ve read it right, they paid less than P150.00 for items worth around P29,000.00

How do penny auction sites make money if people are paying for those expensive items at very little cost?

Now here’s how it gets interesting. Before an individual can bid on an item, he or she must first buy what is commonly referred to as a bid pack.

There are several bid packs you can choose from, one of them for example, is a P500 bid pack that gives you 50 bid points.

Your bid points decrease by 1 every time you place a bid. If you don’t have bid points left, then you can no longer bid on an item.

So let’s say that you bought the P500 bid pack above and you now have 50 bid points. If for example there’s an LCD TV up for auction at a current price of P0.15 – if you place a bid on that item, then the price will go up to P0.16, you will become the highest bidder, and then you will be left with 49 bid points.

Thus, each time you bid, you’re actually spending P10.00 – and conversely, the penny auction site owners are earning P10.00 – that is because the bid points that you used to bid on the item will NOT be returned (whether you win or lose the auction).

So going back to the iPhone 4 above which was “sold” for only P100.91 – if we assume that each bid point that was used costs P10.00. Then the website actually earned a gross income of P100,910.00 (10,091 bids multiplied by P10.00).

List of Penny Auction Sites in the Philippines

These are the list of active and inactive Philippine Penny Auction Sites

  • Bid Mania:
  • Bidgatin:
  • Happy2Bid:
  • Bidang Bidder:
  • BidPH:
  • Bid Pilipinas:
  • Bilibid:
  • Panalo PH:
  • Pera Bid:
  • Pinoy Bidders:
  • Pinoy Tiange:
  • PNoyBid:

Warning: There are many penny auction scam sites out there. So be careful when joining one. Make sure that you personally know someone who has actually won an item there and the site is owned by a reputable company.

Also, keep in mind that some penny auction sites could start as a legal entity, but eventually end up as a scam. So always take everything in stride and be careful always.


At first impression, penny auction sites seem to be a good way to save money on items that you want or need to buy. But it is not!

Penny auction sites fall under the category of entertainment shopping. If you want to save money through a good bargain deal, then don’t go to a penny auction site.

Instead, just go to a Christmas bazaar or sign up in one of the numerous Philippine group buying sites out there – never on a penny auction site.

So what’s the use of penny auction sites?

For entertainment – much like how you spend money inside the arcade to play those games, hoping that you’ll win a prize.

In conclusion, let me say that these websites can be quite entertaining… but it can also be extremely addicting (and frustrating). So be sure to exercise discipline when playing – never bid over your limit, practice patience and most of all, just have fun.

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  1. Honestly, I didn’t know how penny stocks really operated. At least up until now. You’re post really made me curious especially when I visited Pesobid. I was entertained, but considering that the auction for a certain item would mean losing a lot of bid points which is 10 Php each, I would definitely be losing more money than saving ’em. So I say No! to penny stocks.

  2. Hi Jade, if you buy larger bid packs, then the cost of the bid points goes down to around P5 per bid point.

    But you’re right, if you want to buy something, then saving up for it is better than to risk playing in a penny auction site.

    However, if you do have some entertainment budget and would like to get a chance at winning something, then this is a good option.

  3. Hi Fitz, almost year ago, a friend of a friend gave me what looked liked a prepaid card with “free” bid credits for a website (I totally forgot the name) where people can bid for gadgets online, just like how you described it above.

    It did not appeal to me and I thought to myself “why would I have to spend (when my bid credits on the “free” card got used up and “reloaded”) to bid on something when there is no assurance I would win on my bid…”, it sounded like gambling to me… and the “free” prepaid card seems to be a ploy to get people hooked.

    It also reminded me of those biddings for gadgets through text messages where the lowest unique bid wins.

    Thanks a lot Fitz for sharing this, I suppose a lot of people can get addicted to such penny auction sites and your post certainly helps people become aware that instead of saving, they just might end up being frustrated. Like what you said, this can be fun but only up to a certain extent.

  4. Intersting article. I’ve got a lot of family in the philippines. I’m going to check out BiliBid and PisoBid.

  5. @ Micamyx: Oo, talagang nakakakaba. Pero masnakakabahala kung mag bid ka, pero di mo naman makuha. Di mo namalayan ubos na pera mo. Yun amg masnakakakaba.

  6. thanks, fitz, for the information and public service. this post is really educational and serves as fair warning to online shoppers. more power!

  7. Kahinahinala talaga itong Bilibid, after mag sulputan ang mga reklamo dahil paulit ulit yung nananalo, mukhang nag iba na ngayon.

    Hindi na sumasali ang mga bigating pangalan (veteran bidders). Pero meron pa ring mga gahaman na kumukuha pa talaga ng items kahit 500php hindi pwedeng mapagbigyan.

    Si fortdan talaga ang kina aasar ko. Asar ako sa kanya talaga. ANG TAKAW MAGBID! Tapos nag titinda pa ng load. hahay.

    FORTDAN, isa kang tunay na PINOY!

    Bilibid: Veteran bidders stands tall in this new Piso Auction Site

  8. Hi Fritz,
    Joe d Mango is right. I think there is a conspiracy between some of the veteran bidders and the operators of Bilibid. Kung veteran bidder ka, are you willing to bid more than 500 for a 125 bid pack or bid more than 400 for a 300 pesos gift certificate???

    Their modus operandi is to raise the number of bids para mas mataas ang kita ni Bilibid. Kaya if you notice, the winners of the GC’s and bid packs are the veterans, while the winners of the more expensive items are new bidders… May nag-confirm sa amin thats why I dnt bid anymore with BILIBID.

    Pisobid is way way better than Bilibid. They give chances for others to win, winning in this auction depends on your diskarte….. Kaya nga some veteran bidders were banned and were not allowed to participate, may conspiracy daw kasi among the veteran bidders…

  9. I’m a Bilibid user and mas gusto ko sila kesa sa Pisobid kasi mas madali manalo sa kanila at mas mura ang price ng bid packs.

    Totoo may mga veteran bidders sa Bilibid at nakakatakot makipagsabayan sa kanila pero may tamang style din para manalo eh. Shempre secret ko na yun. Hehe.

    Yung mga maliliit na items tulad ng GC sa mga coffee shops… madali lang manalo nun sa Bilibid… dalawang beses na nga ako nanalo eh at hindi ako veteran bidder.

    Also, I don’t think merong conspiracy between the veteran bidders and the operators of Bilibid kasi sa sobrang dami na veteran bidders, hindi sila lahat pwedeng “kausapin” – at kung makipag-conspire ka sa isa o dalawa sa kanila… sigurado namang mahuhuli yun ng ibang veteran bidders.

    Lastly, I don’t think makikipag-conspire ang operators ng Bilibid sa mga veteran bidders. Kasi kung gusto talaga nilang mandaya… eh ang dali-daling gumawa ng fake accounts at yun ang gamitin nilang pang outbid sa ibang users, di ba?

    So sa tingin ko, dapat enjoy lang tayo lahat mga parekoy. Huwag gawin mashadong seryoso at isipin lang na ito ay “entertainment shopping” lang talaga. Thank you!

  10. Hello Fitz.

    Gumawa ako ng blog tungkol sa Piso Auction sites sa Pilipinas. Click niyo lang ang pangalan ko para mabisita. Sana makatulong rin ito sa readers mo.

    Nakapaglaro na ako sa PisoBid at BiliBid, pero hindi ko pa nasusubukan sa Pinoy Bidders. Sa BiliBid palang ako nananalo pero GC lang. Sa PisoBid naman, ang hirap na manalo. He he he.

  11. Hi Fitz, your article is very spot on. Penny auctions are a game of skill as much as it is a game of chance. BTW is already on its pre-lauch phase and we’ll be fully operational soon!

  12. Hello guys! Ngayon ko lang nalaman yang Panalo PH at Pinoy Bidders pero any reviews sa kanila? Sa PisoBid at BiliBid pa lang ako nakalaro pero ni-isa hindi pa ako nanalo. Hehehe.. Ito pa may nag-share sa akin na bagong launch na penny auction dito sa pinas. Sumali ako sa dry-run nila pero GC lang at natalo din ako, officially launched na sila, check it out din guys.

  13. Follow up lang guys, I read here na may mga penny auction software na may autobot or bidder na hindi totoo. It seems yung, at may autobidders. Read their forum and compare the interface ng mga site na ito, may mga bot to. Beware guys!

  14. Hello everyone! I am the owner of and I saw the link of the site here. I am currently looking for a partner of this business (co-owner) since it was very very hard to start and market it in our country. I was the one who built the site including all the technical side. This business has very big potential in our country since there are very few who offers it and operating legitimately. In technical side, everything are settled-in already but I need someone to market it. auctions real items and I do not use bot/dummy account in the site as what paul recardo mentioned above. If you’re interested and want to talk about my offer, please contact me at through the contact page and will discuss the details and we could have an in-person meeting. Thank you everyone and I am hoping someone from here will be interested with this offer. 🙂

  15. Hi Paul Recardo

    I am Ado Cuenca, President and CEO of

    We appreciate your comments above and we welcome your opinion about the penny auction sites who use auto bidders. For the info of everyone, uses auto bidders as Bid Assistant tool for users. It is a free tool available to all users who wish to automate their bidding experience so that they will not stay in the wee hours of the night to win their favorite gadget. The Bid Assistant can bid on your behalf even though you are not logged-in. Its a convenience tool for users who don’t want to stay in front of the computer to participate in our auction. strongly adheres to fairness and transparency and we don’t use “system” bots or employ shill bidding. We publish our winners in our Facebook page and soon every major won auction will show the winner’s picture.

    If anybody here has doubts on, please feel free to email and I will make sure we will resolve it.


  16. Hindi naman piso or 0.01cents ang isang bid kundi P10-P15 ang halaga, pinlalabas lang mura face value na P50 or P100 or P200 na winning price dahil sa 0.01cents na bid increment pero actually P10 to P15 ang halaga ng bawat bid depende sa bid pack na nabili. Ang ipad or cellphone etc nyo is actually P100,000+++ nyo binibili.

  17. hi i’m freddie new bidders palang nasusubukan ko pero maganda pla dito sa panalo madali rin manalo and my mga free clang auction 2lad ng slimmers world magaganda ung mga pinapa auction nila subukan ko ung mga iba kung maganda din 2lad ng pisobid pero sa ngaun i LOVE…..

  18. ako din sumali sa nanalo dn ako ng gc ng slimmers world ang galing sobrang saya ko tpos ni recommend ko sa mga friends ko..tpos yung iba sa knila nnalo din exciting nga sya maganda din nman sa pisobid nkapaglaro din ako don medyo crowded lang pero ok nman sila, pero sa panalo bonngels kasi ang bilis manalo tapos last night ps vita sila ang ggnda din ng item for me ako kasi easy access for me easy to win talaga!!!

  19. I think Bilibid is closing down already… dami na nga namin nagrereklamo sa mga unshipped items… more than 3 months na, hindi pa din na-ship yung mga items… di rin sila nag rereply sa mga inquiries ng mga winners… nagkakalokohan na talaga, the owners dont even have the decency to answer our emails at sa kanilang facebook account… sayang.. 🙁

  20. I tried for the first tym the BIDGATIN n i won ipad2 n they told me to pay 500 so that i can have my product n when i called them they said na they are going to close the auction siteN itold them that i will report u for being a scam n they just reply report it.Here is the num 09202722841

  21. I think penny auction have a bad rep considering how many people win compared to those who don’t understand how to play it and then give the title of it being a scam. The one thing people don’t get is that truly these sites make there money off the bid packs sold not so much on the items. In fact in some cases they lose money rather then profit on most items. The gamble goes both ways. I have won and saved thousands of pesos off penny auctions , it’s a great way to spend 2 k a month and convert it to 8k-10k worth of GC and/or products, but knowing which ones to play and how to play them all depends on research and not just diving in using all your bids quickly leading to frustration. If your new I would suggest starting small, bid on items that none of the high end bidders bid on so you have a better chance of bidding, or bid smart by waiting till the end of the auction timer ans wait and time when the last bids will be made. It takes time but winning is highly possible to those who know and learn how to play.

  22. Hi! May update po ba sa mga penny auction sites? Meron pa bang natirang operational dito aa Philippines?

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