Money Insights and Advice: Introducing My Video Blogging Project

Updated: November 12, 2016

I’ve always been interested in doing a video blog. However, I never really got around to making one until recently.

The video blogging project is entitled, “Money Insights and Advice” and I’m doing it with fellow Registered Financial Planner, Rienzie Biolena.

As you will watch below, it’s not really a serious personal finance show. Rienzie and I decided that we want to promote financial literacy by showing people how it can actually be a topic of our everyday conversation with friends.

Here’s episode one:

Wealth Arki

If you watched the video, then you might be wondering, what’s Wealth Arki Inc.?

Well, early this year, I’ve partnered with several colleagues and created this new company.

We call ourselves “wealth architects” and our aim is to help people build their wealth through proper financial planning and money management.

We offer consultancy and advice services, as well as investment portfolio design and management. We’re an independent company and not affiliated with any financial institution.

We primarily earn through service fees and not by selling products.

Thus, as part of our company’s marketing efforts, we decided to create this video blogging project.

And so far, we’ve been getting good feedback from our friends. They liked how it’s just a casual conversation between Rienzie and I but nevertheless, insightful and informative.

To date, we’ve already uploaded eight episodes.

Since Rienzie and I often see each other anyway, we’re hoping to publish at least one episode per week and shoot as often as we can.

Here’s our latest one, which is all about memorial plans.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share today.

If you want to watch all our episodes, which runs for only 10 minutes or less, then do visit our YouTube channel. And please do Subscribe to get notifications for new episodes.

Visit our YouTube channel here.


  1. Learning while being entertained! Glad to say na isa ako sa mga masugid na tagasubaybay since episode 1. Haha! Congrats sir fitz!

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