A List of Amazing, Awesome and Wonderful Things

Updated: October 23, 2014

Have you ever seen a sea of clouds?

It’s such an amazing sight.


There’s a restaurant in Davao City named Lachi’s.

They serve the most awesome Sans Rival.


Globe has an e-waste recovery and recycling program called Project 1 Phone.

It’s a wonderful idea that will rebuild schools in Aklan.


Harry Potter inspired a lot of people, especially children, to read.

It’s an amazing work of literature that will remain with us for decades.


This Saturday, the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo will happen.

It’s an awesome learning event for those who wants to earn from home.

Do you know the card game, Monopoly Deal?

It’s a wonderful game you can play with your friends.


Amazing, Awesome and Wonderful

The plane that makes it possible for us to gaze upon a sea of clouds, the Sans Rival at Lachi’s, Globe’s Project 1 Phone, the Harry Potter books, the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo and the Monopoly Deal card game…

They all started as an idea, by individuals who wanted to build and create something that could become bigger than themselves.

They’re ordinary people, who dreamed of something amazing, awesome and wonderful; and worked hard to make it a reality.

Everyone has the power to do the same, and it all starts by believing in yourself and calling upon that inventor, innovator and entrepreneur within you.

Build something amazing. Show the world what awesome means. Give people something wonderful. Don’t wait and start today.

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