July 2009 Business and Livelihood Training Seminars

Updated: July 1, 2009

The year is going by so fast. We’re now on the second half of the year and I hope that the first half went well for everyone.

Anyway, as I usually do during the first few days of the month, I’m giving you now the list of business and livelihood training seminars from various institutions in the country, specifically Technology Resource Center (TRC / TLRC), Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), Nego-skwela, Business Coach, Inc. and others.

Please note that the information provided here is just an overview of the available courses this July 2009. I encourage everyone to get in touch with the respective organizations and institutions for inquiries and additional details.

Technology Resource Center (TRC) July 2009
Business Startup and Management Seminars on:
Hardware and construction supply business, trendy balloon decors, flower shop management, micro lending business, accounting and record keeping, travel agency business, restaurant business management, catering business and laundry shop business.

Livelihood Skills Training on:
Silkscreen printing, fresh flower arrangement, ice cream (sorbetes) making, tilapia culture, herbal bath soap making, how to make perfumes and colognes, breadmaking and baking, jewelry appraisal training, basic meat processing and swine production.

Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) July 2009

  • Integrated Management System Training – July 7
  • Food Labeling Requirements – July 9
  • Cleaner Production and Waste Management – July 13
  • Basic Costing and Pricing – July 15
  • Webpage Development – July 15 and 16
  • Food Safety Risk Analysis – July 16 and 17
  • Basics of the Exporting Business – July 20 to 24

Nego-skwela July 2009
Livelihood products development training on:
Fruit juices & concentrates, chocolate molding, catsup toyo & vinegar making, pizza and pasta sauces, pastillas making, dehydrated fruits & vegetables, fiberglass making, scented & decorative candle making, rice in a box and many more.

Livelihood service seminars on:
Tilapia hatchery, shiatsu massage, gift wrapping & ribbon making, bee culture, basic dress making, goat raising and others.

Business Coach, Inc. July 2009

  • Bookbinding Techniques and Procedures
  • How To Make Headbands and Fans for Profit
  • How to Franchise Your Business
  • Starting a Food Cart Business
  • How to Plan and Operate a Restaurant
  • Starting a Coffee Shop Business with Barista Training
  • Starting a Spa Business
  • Starting and Managing a Preschool or Day Care Center

If you’re interested to join in any of these business seminars and livelihood trainings, you may refer to this business training centers and livelihood seminar institutions directory to know their contact details. Thank you.

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