Investing in the Stock Market is Boring

Updated: January 29, 2024

“The Philippine stock market has been going up lately,” I told a friend who began investing in the stock market last year.

“Yeah, I heard,” he answered.

“So, how are your investments doing?” I asked.

“Very good, actually,” he replied.

“So why don’t you sound too happy about it?” I inquired, sensing the lack of enthusiasm in his voice.

“Well,” he hesitated a bit, then finally told me the truth. “I didn’t expect that investing in the stock market would be boring.”

For a moment, I got amused and laughed at his sentiment. But then I realized his concern was serious, so I told him this:

“Indeed, investing in the stock market is boring. And that’s the reason why I love investing in it because it doesn’t take away so much of my time and energy to do.”

When you hear the term “stock market,” the first image that comes to mind for most of us will be the chaos that we see in the movies and television – people shouting and talking on the phone, passing around countless pieces of paper, while the stock ticker marquees above all of them.

In reality, that scene only happens for a few hours on the trading floor, and because of all the technology and automation, most of the chaos now happens virtually, inside computer networks, and on the internet – which means all the yelling and paper-throwing is almost a thing of the past.

“Almost” because it still happens in some places, but in most countries, including the Philippine Stock Exchange, it’s now drab and peaceful inside.

In any case, what actually happens inside the stock exchange doesn’t really matter. Because what’s important is that you understand how the stock market works, and why investing in it should be boring.

Boring Is Good

If you want excitement, go to the casino. But if you want a quiet and steady way to make money, then invest in the stock market (or in a UITF or mutual fund, for that matter).

We are conditioned to think that anything that’s “boring” is bad. However, when it comes to investing, the more boring it is, the better – because, at the very least, that means you’re not losing money in the investment.

Think about it, and I know you’ll agree.

Of course, there are “more exciting” strategies you can do in the stock market (i.e., trading stocks), and there are “more exciting” investments out there (i.e., currencies).

But both require higher risk appetites and if you’re someone who can’t emotionally handle losing money, then cost average investing is your key to peace of mind.

Buy stocks and hold. Repeat regularly for many years, then sell and take profit. It’s a boring routine, but one that’ll give you enough wealth to live a fun and exciting life in the future.

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  1. I thank Fitz for his continuous effort in educating Filipinos about stock market in a simple way for everyone to easily understand the topic. Without proper knowledge and guidance, investing in the stock market can be dangerous.

    Guys, I also suggest you visit and join the TrulyRichClub founded by Bo Sanchez because he offers wonderful guidance. That guy really changed my life in more ways than one. He gives you monthly updates about what’s going on in the stock market and what specific companies we should be investing in. He also sends you videos and audios which are really helpful in feeding our minds with abundance mindset. If you want the same life-changing experience, I suggest you check it out.

  2. I already experienced the same thing in 2011, I got really bored that I bailed out just a few months before the market was seen rising in 2012. It was a really bad decision for letting my emotions rule over me. but it was also an enlightening experience, now I can say iam a more mature investor! 😉

  3. Greetings Mr. Fitz:

    I’m just wondering, since you are also an IT, how secure and safe is the Stock market network from hackers and virus? And from Stock Manipulators just like from movies????

    Just curious 😉

  4. Hi java,

    I believe it’s pretty secure but of course, nothing is ever completely safe.

    Moreover, I don’t think stock manipulation will be a problem because there are lot of security measures implemented in the system – we are paranoid that way – and there are a lot of regulations in place.

    However, for my personal security, I always print out a hard copy of my stock transactions, to serve as proof of my ownership just in case (knock on wood), the servers of my stock broker crashes.

    Also, I generate and keep a monthly report of my portfolio – to keep track of my progress, but also as another proof of my account.

  5. Good times Mr. Fitz:

    Since Stock Market today has impressive performance, prices are up. Is it ok to invest today? or wait for the market correction? Im planning for COL Peso Cost Averaging.

  6. Hi jom. Since you’re planning to cost average, you should know that companies recommended for COL’s EIP tend to have shallow retracements, so waiting for market correction won’t have that much impact.

    My personal advise, invest now because while the market is indeed poised for a correction, it can still go up further and then retrace back to its current prices. If that happens, then you just missed several months where you could have already invested.

    Of course, the market could suddenly correct after you invest, but since you are cost averaging, there will be minimal impact because you can ride the retracement.

  7. Medjo di ko pa rin magets ang stock market. Sabi nila sugal daw iyan. Meron ba explanation to make it short kung paano ka kikita ng money sa stock market

  8. The book can be bought for less than $15 and is an entertaining and informative read. You can sell almost any item at a flea market if the price is right. That will make us far superior to even the humans who may ride horses but share no spirit with them.

  9. […] It also helps to set a mix of easy and challenging milestones, so you can see through the illusion that says you’re not making good progress. This commonly happens when the euphoria of launching a new business fades, or when the novelty of an investing strategy starts to become boring. […]

  10. Call me guilty. When it comes to investing, I like to have my cake and eat it also. While I do own a portfolio of long term (boring) dividend paying stocks, I truly enjoy collecting regular income from the sale of option contracts. What I am about to describe is a Covered Call trade, I also do a lot of put option selling, again for income or to help purchase a stock I want at a lower price point. If monthly income is not fast enough for your temperament, there are now WEEKLy options expiring after the close every Friday. Pick an OTM (Out of The Money) strike), sell one contract against every one hundred shares you own and then sit back, contain your excitement for the week. In fact, if you want even more “action” there are now three expirations /week on the ETF SPY. You can actually sell options expiring Monday, Wednesday and Friday on that ETF. Now, I am talking about the US stock and option markets, no options trading yet on the PSE. Looking to the future I Believe that as the Philippines stock market matures, options trading will become available here also as a means of risk control ( the real intended purpose of why options were created in the first place) and income generation. It is true that all manner of shysters will pop up offering hundreds of “get rich quick with options seminars and newsletters bla, blah blah” schemes. The very worst ones will be prosecuted for their fraud. Some folks will be financially injured from stupid newsletter advise. Those who take the time to lean basic option trading skills will have a whole new world of oppertunity open to them. Please trust me when I tell you I look forward to each Friday expiration, I consider it PAYCHECK day! My boring stock will do whatever it wants to do but the premium I sold at the beginning of the week is mine to keep. I can go back into the market and sell a new group of option, rinse and repeat for as long as I wish. BTW, you do not actually have to be in the US or other countries where their stock exchanges offer option trading. I am a semi-retired American living in Bulacan province. I have placed trades almost every single week from the places I lived here in the Philippines for over seven years and counting. On vacation in Cambodia late 2019, no problem. We had great internet connection in our hotel. Two medium term trades were ready to be closed out and that paid us back for the vacation. You really can do this from any place on earth where you can connect to the internet and your brokerage firms platform. In closing, I think anyone can learn to LOVE boring stocks when they trade them as the underlying for option sales!!!

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