Video: The Philippines Moves Forward

Updated: January 5, 2013

It’s a great time to invest in the Philippines, do you agree?

According to analysts, the Philippine economy is finally on an upswing, after over a decade of stagnancy – and now the country has a real potential to move forward and become an Asian tiger.

Below is a business feature produced by the Asia Business Channel that’s currently being broadcast on Channel News Asia.

It shows how progress was possible for the country, and how we as a nation, can propel the country further forward in the coming years.

It’s an optimistic, 23-minute video that shows the country’s successes and the challenges we face ahead.

Personally, I believe there is one crucial ingredient that must also be considered if we want the Philippines to continue its growth, and that is uplifting the financial literacy of the people.

The country’s wealth will just be confined within the nation’s rich and privileged; unless the poor and the middle class start to learn proper money management and act on sound investment strategies.

When that happens, only then, can we truly say that the whole country is moving forward.

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Video Credits:
Producer/Director/Writer: Francisco “Kit” Reyes (Shutter Republic)
Director of Photography: Stefan Herbruger (Shutter Republic)
Post-Production: Underground Logic
Narrator: Trevor Jones
An Asia Business Channel Production for Channel News Asia/Mediacorp. © 2012


  1. Sir, your idea is great, I think it is one of the key to make the Philippines continue it’s growth, and I’d like the closing statement,
    Toyota’s Moto: Moving Forward)——>>>>

  2. i agree with you brodfitz! Maybe it’s time for our government to included financial literacy in our education system. An elective course to Highschool and and college students perhaps! I’ve started learning last year, and i learned a lot, i guess most of Poor and Middle class Filipinos want to invest but really don’t know how to begin.

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