If You Did Not Win The Lotto, Here’s What You Need To Do Next

Updated: October 15, 2018

You checked the winning lotto numbers, and realized that you did not win. For a few minutes, you hope that nobody won the huge jackpot so you can play again in the next draw.

Unfortunately, it was shortly announced in the news that someone got all six numbers. And in an instant, the record-breaking lottery jackpot you’ve been hoping to win is gone.

“Okay, back to regular programming… back to my normal life,” you say to yourself.

While it is indeed disappointing, or even sad, to not win the lotto. Let me tell you right now that all is not lost; and there’s a silver lining that you need to see.


The chances of winning the Ultralotto 6/58 is 1 in 40 million. But despite this fact, you still chose to play. You took the risk, even if the odds of winning is almost zero.

And for that, I call you brave.

Despite having millions of possible outcomes, you still had the courage to bet that it would be you who’d win. If that’s not taking a huge risk, then I don’t know what is.

Now, it’s time to put that newfound bravery into good use and take on the risk of starting a business. Be an entrepreneur!

According to the 2016 Philippine Entrepreneurship Report, 7 out of 8 new businesses in the country survive the first year; and 1 out of 2 businesses survive 5 years in the Philippines.

You have to admit that these are excellent probabilities if you compare it to winning the lottery. So why not take the risk too and venture into business?


You failed to win the lotto. And I’m sure by this time, you’re already feeling okay. You might even be happy for that stranger who won the jackpot.

Why? Because the numbers that were drawn last night… you had zero control over that. And you know it. That’s why you’re not wallowing in self-pity over losing the lottery.

Failure is part of life. You don’t always win, no matter how hard you hope and pray that you would – in lotto, in business, or in life in general.

There’s simply a lot things that are beyond your control.

However, the other side of the coin shows that there’s also a lot of things that you can control. And perhaps, it’s now time to shift your focus towards those.

Your spending habits, that’s something you can learn to control. Your work productivity level and the quality of your output, that’s mostly dependent on you. And the things you do during your free time – you decide that for yourself, and no one else.

Remember that if something is within your control, then achieving success is just a matter of your own discipline, hard work, and determination.


Everyone who plays the lottery has hope inside their heart. Yes you… you have hope in your heart.

And that hope… it’s not really about hitting the jackpot. It is in fact, hoping that winning the lottery can help you achieve your dreams for yourself and your family.

Recall everything you’d buy and do if you won the lottery. Those are your hopes, those are your dreams in life.

A lot of people hoped to buy their dream house and secure their family’s future. Some hoped to start their own business, donate to their favorite charity, or travel around the world.

What I want you to understand is that winning the lottery is just one strategy to reach your hopes and dreams. Betting on the lotto is fast and easy, but the success rate is very, very, very low.

Another strategy is saving and investing. It is a slow strategy. And it requires patience and financial discipline. However, the success rate is pretty high.

In fact, the longer you do this strategy – the more years you save and invest – the higher your chances are of winning and making your hopes and dreams a reality. That’s why for me, it’s definitely worth trying.

And thus, I encourage you to try this strategy as well.

Final Thoughts

Why even bother playing the lottery if the chances of winning is low, and if there’s a better way to eventually achieve your hopes and dreams?

I believe it depends on your reasons. Some reasons are good, some are bad. And personally, I have three.

First, because it’s a form of charity. I know so many people who was able to get financial assistance from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Second, because it’s entertaining. I like that feeling of being an actual part of something that many Filipinos find exciting.

And third, because it’s a way to remind myself that in life, it’s good to hope for the best, and not feel defeated if the worst happens, especially if the cause is something beyond my control.

The lottery serves as a quick reminder that luck is part of life. However, we should never depend on luck to determine how our future will be.

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