#HowDidAgeHitYouChallenge and the Case for Nostalgia

Updated: January 16, 2019

My friends have recently been posting old and present photos of themselves online for the #HowDidAgeHitYouChallenge.

Honestly, it’s quite amusing and interesting to see how much a decade can do to your physical appearance.

Most, if not all of the photos I’ve seen, show a lot of improvements on how my friends look today when compared to many years before.

And of course, it would be unfair if I don’t share mine. So here’s me from 15 years ago, and my current Facebook profile picture.

What do you think? I certainly gained more weight. And camera technology have certainly improved at taking portraits.

However, beyond the physical appearance, my thoughts upon seeing my photos and those of my friends were about how much our lives have changed since then.

A Case for Nostalgia

One study have shown that nostalgia can be healthy, especially when used intelligently.

It’s more than just about retreating into the past. It’s also about exploring the treasures that our former self have collected in the journey.

Have you ever wondered why it feels good to look back at our old photos? That’s because nostalgia can resemble spiritual meditation, which can propel us forward if ever we feel stuck in the present.

Nostalgia can help foster within us a sense of enthusiasm and hope.

By realizing how far we’ve come and how much we’ve done through the years, we can feel more resilient and self-confident when facing the challenges that we have today.

Consider reflecting upon these questions:

  • What were your major concerns and worries back then? Are they still your problems today?
  • What unexpected problems and challenges did you have to face in the past? How did you manage, and what did you do to solve them?
  • What were your hopes and dreams 10 or 20 years ago? How many of those goals did you already achieve today?

If you’re most people, then I’m sure a lot of your worries back then didn’t happen. Perhaps, you’re now smiling at how silly some of your concerns were.

And the difficulties you were experiencing during that time, you should realize that you’ve actually managed to survive through those hardships because you’re still alive today.

Best of all, reflect upon how you now have most of the things that you wanted back then. Or how you’ve found something better along the way.

Today is Tomorrow’s Throwback

If you were able to move past your worries and problems from years ago, then I have no doubt that you’ll also be able to solve and survive through the challenges and obstacles that you face today.

Look at all the things you’ve accomplished so far, and be excited for the goals and dreams that you have now, because they too, will come true for you.

The days are long, but the years are short.

Before you know it… another decade has passed.

As you find yourself in that future, I hope that when you look back at who you are today, you’ll be proud of the things you’ve done, and the person you’ve become.

Make good choices today, and give yourself something to smile about when the future comes.

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