How To Build Your Brand Using Social Media

Are you using only traditional media to market your brand?

If so, then you’re missing out on a great and cost-effective branding and marketing strategy that has already been proven by many to produce results – and that is social media.

I’ve already written several articles here about Social Media Marketing and how businesses can use it for marketing – and for today, let me share with you a guest post which will add more to those information.

Let’s read what Venchito has to say about using social media for brand building below:

I normally spend four hours a day in social media sites to connect with people. Aside from looking at my friends, I normally check products and services available online and see how these are being promoted. I noticed that most of them promote their products in a way that annoys the audience. They don’t know how to build a brand properly using this great tool called social media.

Today, I’ll provide you with five easy and straight to the point steps to a successful social media strategy for your business.

Customer Interaction

Players in the digital marketing industry today spends so much time, effort and money in deciphering new updates in Google algorithms to get the ranking they have always wanted. Well, I am not saying that it is wrong, but failure to maximize other available and popular resources could spell the difference between winning and losing. Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have already gained so much popularity and significance that they became search engines by themselves.

Well it is true! Other than searching through the traditional Google search function, social media users have expanded drastically and searching through these platforms went high proportionally. Social media is one of the best ways to interact directly with your potential customers. You only have to identify your target people based on certain categories like age, sex, and location, then you can already attend to their needs.

Brand Personalization

If you are thinking of maintaining your strong virtual community presence, social media can grant you of that aspiration. One very important thing that you need to keep in mind is this; when using any social media platform, always make and maintain personal connections. It means that you have to “connect” through a “real” person.

Business, brand or even political pages on Facebook often fails to achieve this kind of connection but by mandating that a Google+ profile must be for an individual, Google has created an environment where this is more likely to happen.

Strive to Achieve Your Audience’s Trust

You need to understand by heart your brand objectives and identify them clearly. When you do, you will be able to impart it to other people. Be transparent and you will get their trust. Avoid suspicious talks, blogs and links.

Post useful information. You can teach, entertain or even initiate discussions. Do not worry about customer complaints or comments. Address everything properly, straight to the point and politely. View these complaints as opportunities, turning them into great testimonials when handled properly.

Do not discount the potential of freebies and contest prizes as they entertain and give value to your audience. If you fail to provide any value, your brand can easily lose its customer trust.

Be Transparent

This area has always been dealt quite uneasily by companies. Fear of the outcome of becoming transparent leads them to give partially untrue statements. The thing is, customers will surely feel if something is wrong, so why lie?

Most companies who tried to conceal true intentions, pricing and products often find themselves in the middle of customer complaints, trending topics in forums and others that will only give bad impressions about the company and its brand. Remember that consumers are just looking for trustworthy people to deal with.

Be Consistent

Consistency is not just about posting on a certain time and day and repeating this over and over again. It’s definitely part of it. However, being consistent refers to your voice or that of your brand. Are you saying the same thing even when you are in different social media platforms? How about when you are not online anymore? Are you standing on the same ground across all your connections?

Staying consistent is extremely important. You will surely attract a fan or a follower by being one way. When you do, stop becoming the other way where you tend to oppose or contradict your already established reputation. Standing your ground, becoming consistent will prevent your connections from getting confused or worse disconnect them all together.

I hope that you learned a lot from these five steps to an effective social media strategy.

This guest post is written by Venchito Tampon Jr., owner of You can follow him on Twitter @venchito14. With his expertise in brand building, you’re sure that you can get what you pay for.

He can help you with your website rankings in search engines and boost your online presence. He makes use of various updated techniques that give you the cutting-edge results for your business. He can help you out especially with your brand building.

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