FREE Seminar: The Secret to Saving and Building Your Future

Updated: April 14, 2020

Do you have control over your financial life, or does lack of money control how you live?

It’s a question that not many people ask themselves. Because one always assumes that they have control over themselves and how their future will be.

However, when you don’t have control over your financial life today, a large part of your personal freedom slowly but surely goes away. And before you know it, you eventually become a slave to your debts, to your job, and to other people.

When you don’t have savings and a financial emergency happens, the immediate solution is to borrow money and work overtime at your job.

When you’re buried in debts, each reminder from debt collectors can trigger a huge amount of stress that eventually affects your health.

When you reach your retirement years and you didn’t save and invest, you have no choice but to continue working or become financially dependent on your children and relatives.

Each instance above shows how your debts, your job, and other people can take control of your future. And all because you failed at or chose not to take control of your financial life today.

Building Your Future Seminar: Take Control of your Financial Life

For several years now, IMG Wealth Academy has been conducting FREE Personal Finance Seminars all over the country for Filipino families, and in different parts of the world for OFWs.

One of the most popular seminars they conduct today is the Building Your Future Seminar, which I’m inviting you to attend for FREE.

This seminar has two-parts. The first hour is a lecture and presentation on money management and financial products. And the second part is a FREE personal financial assessment and coaching.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Taking control of your financial future
  • How money works and how you can make it work for you
  • The importance of savings and investments
  • The benefits of life insurance and long-term health care
  • Why you should prepare for your child’s college education today
  • How to protect your future against financial problems and worries
  • … and many more


Then fill up the form below and INSTANTLY get access to the online financial coaching video:

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  1. Hi Sir Fitz, I am a member of IMG and I have friends in Legazpi City who would like to attend this seminar. Where is the exact address of IMG financial center in Legazpi City? Thank you!

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