3 Intriguing Investments That Aren’t So Mainstream

Updated: February 7, 2022

Investing in things that aren’t mainstream could yield some surprising benefits.

There’s the joy of learning something new. Or even a chance of becoming a recognized authority, if you happen to become exceptionally good at it. And of course, the pleasure of earning a highly rewarding ROI.

When it comes to specializing in lesser-known investment opportunities, you may want to consider investing in things like blockchain technology, gold jewelry, or art and collectibles.

Investing in Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is based on the use of a peer-to-peer network to manage digital currency transactions. The idea was first invented in 2009 when Bitcoin was launched as a way to carry out faster, safer, and far more efficient online transactions.

You can buy or sell your cryptocurrency from well-established exchanges, and some companies also make it possible to convert a cryptocoin into a fiat currency.

The reason why this is one of the hottest trends is that it’s based on the blockchain, which is a general ledger that makes it possible to have a decentralized currency exchange. Blockchain technology is independent of the fluctuating fortunes of governments and banks.

While there are many benefits to this technology, one that stands out for users is that they enjoy lower financial transaction fees than any other available online payment methods. When it comes to moving large sums of money around high fees can result in a noticeable financial loss.

While Bitcoin may have introduced the idea of the blockchain and Ethereum may have taken this functionality to a whole new level, companies like XYO Network are the next evolutionary step because they introduce the idea of Proof of Origin and Bound Witnesses.

This new technology makes it possible to cross over from the online world to the offline one. Briefly, Proof of Origin means that a component’s information is validated and made incorruptible (i.e. resistant to any type of falsification) and Bound Witness means that two different components of the network are working simultaneously at the same location.

Investing in Gold Jewelry

Obviously, when it comes to jewelry, you can choose from specializing in all types of jewelry based on precious metals and stones.

The reason why gold is a good investment idea is that gold will always keep its value. This type of jewelry is usually well made and designed to last as a family heirloom. While trends in jewelry come and go, gold jewelry has developed a reputation for never permanently going out of style.

Over the centuries people have come to value and admire classic gold chains, sculpted gold rings, elegant gold hoop earrings, and charming gold bracelets.

Investing in Art and Collectibles

The biggest reason to invest in any type of collectible is that it has a high upside value as time passes.

If you’ve ever watched the popular television show Antiques Roadshow, you are aware of the delight that people experience when they discover that the junk in their attic, something passed down from a deceased relative or picked up at a garage sale or estate sale a long time ago, is something of considerable monetary value.

For example, an old vase that they thought they had paid too much for at an estate sale, say, $50, turns out to be worth $20,000 when an antique expert gives them a free appraisal.

Art is considered one of the most prized of collectibles. According to a Bloomberg article on the high price of valuable art, Pablo Picasso, “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’)” was valued at $179.4 million, Alberto Giacometti, “L’Homme au Doigt,” was valued at $141.3 million, and Mark Rothko “No. 10” was valued at $81.9 million.

The most interesting thing about these pieces of art is that it’s hard to describe them as stunning. While Picasso’s “Women of Algier’s” piece shows a great deal of cubistic ingenuity, Alberto Giacometti’s human-scale bronze sculpture of a man pointing a finger and Mark Rothko’s smoldering deep red and black abstract painting is not something that you could exactly describe as taking your breath away, but to each his own.

Final Thoughts

While investing is obviously done as a way to build wealth, it’s value goes beyond financial gain.

When you invest in blockchain technology, you are casting your vote for a form of currency free of government meddling and the manipulation of banking cartels; when you invest in gold jewelry, you are championing a form of artistry that has existed for centuries; and when you invest in collectibles, you are preserving things of aesthetic and cultural significance.

This article is contributed by Robert Sonder from Washington.

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