The Formula For Good Luck

Updated: June 17, 2023

Last Wednesday, I met some friends for dinner.

One of them came a few minutes late, which was not really a big deal. But in any case, we asked if traffic was bad, and he confessed that the reason why he was late was that the lotto lines were long.

“The GrandLotto 6/55 jackpot is now P200M!” he shares with excitement. “That’s why I decided to brave the long line and buy a ticket. Who knows, I might get lucky.”

We all got excited for him and even imagined and shared what we would do if we won that much money.

Then yesterday, I sent him a text message to ask if he won.

Unfortunately, he didn’t – and the most he got was just 2 numbers out of his 5 tickets.

“Oh well, better luck next time,” I replied.


Many of us consider “luck” as some random event that just happens – be it good luck or bad luck – and I agree at some level. But I also believe that everyone is capable of creating their own luck.

That is if you want good things to happen to you… then you have to learn to open your world, take risks, be optimistic, and have perseverance – I believe this is how you create your own good luck.

Roman philosopher Seneca puts it best when he said:

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

And indeed, it is like that for me…

I remember almost six years ago; my cousin approached me asking if I wanted to invest in her company. She and her partners are planning to expand, and instead of applying for a business loan, they decided to try getting investors first.

They needed a few hundred thousand pesos, and after hearing about their business expansion strategy, I decided to take the risk and invest.

Now their company, or rather, OUR company, has grown into a multi-million peso business – and the dividends alone that I receive from it can already cover my basic monthly expenses.

Was I just extremely lucky?

On one part – yes. I am lucky to have a very entrepreneurial cousin.

But for the most part, it was my preparation – the many years of religiously saving money and building the investment fund that really allowed me to seize the opportunity.

Many people are waiting and looking for opportunities to come into their lives, but only a few are actually prepared to “grab it by the neck” when it comes.

So always remember this formula if you want the odds to ever be in your favor.

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

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  1. “Luck = Preparation + Opportunity”

    This is very true. I first heard it when I was still active in an MLM company before. And I agree that rich people are rich because they have prepared for it even before the opportunity came.

    I also don’t believe that once you win in the lotto, you are already rich. Yes, you maybe a “millionaire”, but if you don’t invest in financial literacy, in 5 years or less, you will also lose that money.

    That is why it is very important to invest in our financial education. 🙂

  2. When I was a young lad, NEVER did I see my Grandparents or my Mom take part in any form of gambling. We did not have a LOTTO yet in the state where we lived. Somehow, I always believed I had to create my on “luck” by wisely choosing from opportunities life presented to me. Later in life, the few times I could say “I won, I won!”, the “winnings were no big deal.

    For example, my wife received a small pile of entry slips for a contest at our local supermarket. She entered me in the contest to possibly win one of the prizes. “I WON”, 6 weeks at Gloria Stevens figure salon, a women’s fitness chain in the north east US. My Bride enjoyed my “winnings” because she had the oppertunity to check out the facility.

    Another time, I was driving an employee to his noon time AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings at a local public hospital. These were “open” meetings that anyone could observe. I have always admired the organization and their stand on being self supporting. They refuse any outside support! These meetings will often have a small drawing and tickets were, if I recall correctly, .50 cents each or 3 for $1.00 dollar. I took three for$1.00 deal and “I WON” a copy of “The big book of AA.” Actually, I cherish that book because in it you learn how the two founders began the organization and all about the groups mission of helping others. For me, that really was the best thing I ever won. Everything else I have came from old fashioned hard work and investing.

    One exception I am OK with these days is knowing that the LOTTO here in the Philippines helps to support very worthy projects such as the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital in Manila. I have had the oppertunity to witness first hand the “miracles ” they often perform at that instruction. While I am not fond of the gambling aspect of the LOTTO, I am pleased to see that a portion does in fact do a good work for many folks.

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