Five Articles That Will Help You Save Money This Christmas Season

Updated: December 13, 2023

It’s less than two weeks before Christmas, and I’m sure everyone’s busy preparing for the holidays. I know I am.

Aside from going to Christmas bazaars, I’ve been busy attending parties, thinking of and buying gifts, and praying for enough patience to withstand the terrible city traffic.

But in any case, I still found myself time to write this quick pre-Yuletide post for everyone.

I scoured through my archives and found these five articles, which I hope will help you save money this Christmas.

How To Avoid Impulse Buying
There are many great things to buy this season, especially if you already have the money from your 13th month’s pay and Christmas bonus. Just be sure each purchase was well-thought-of and did not result from some overwhelming need to shop.

Save Money by Bulk Buying
Bulk-buying gifts have always been a good strategy for me to save money. Did you just see a cute photo frame at the bazaar that would be perfect for a gift? Then buy several and haggle for a discount – now you have a great simple gift for your friends at work, your pals at the gym, and the people you hang out with at the local coffee shop.

10 Money Smart Tips For Buying Gifts This Christmas
Speaking of buying gifts, here’s an article to help you with Christmas shopping. No need to get lost amidst the holiday frenzy – with these tips, you can keep it cool, score some nice gifts, and end with some extra change in your pocket.

How Regifting Can Help You Save Money
There’s certainly no shame in regifting presents. I’m proud to say I do this, and you should do too. Read this article and discover the art of regifting so you’ll not look like a thoughtless and inconsiderate cheapskate. :P

Frugal Things You Can Do During Christmas and the Holiday Season
And finally, more lists for you. You can do various things to make this season fun and easy on your budget. If you skipped reading all four posts above, I highly suggest not to miss this one.

I guess that’s it for now, and let me be the first to wish you a safe, meaningful, and happy Christmas!

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