How To Drive an Uber and Make Money

Updated: July 3, 2017

For a couple of years now, Uber drivers have been providing Pinoys an alternative way to commute. I’ve been an Uber rider since it came to the Philippines and I’m still a frequent rider until today.

But Uber has also given Pinoys a new way to make money as one can apply and become an Uber driver. My brother has recently started driving and I asked him how much he earns as an Uber driver.

Moreover, it’s interesting to study his net income because he bought a new car, a Hyundai Accent, with a car loan. It is required that your vehicle be 3 years or younger to apply.

So is he earning enough for his family as an Uber driver given that he has to pay a five-year car loan? How many trips does he need to make to breakeven? How many hours a day does he drive?

I asked him these questions and below are his answers. Please note that all monetary values are estimate averages on the date of publication of this article (Sept 2016).


How to Become an Uber Driver

To become an Uber Driver, you can apply online through this link. and follow the instructions that will be shown.

Apart from the personal information, you will be asked if you want to apply as a Driver or as an Operator. A Driver account is for private car owners who plan to drive their own vehicle.

Meanwhile, a Partner-Operator account is for those who plan to have more than one driver and/or more than one car that will operate under Uber.

Next, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Agreement. Then, you’ll need to upload a scan or photo of your driver’s license, police clearance, vehicle registration (OR and CR), car insurance, and other documents.

Download and install the Uber Partner App on your phone and wait for Uber to activate your account. Once activated, which takes around 1-2 days, and after you attending the onboarding seminar, you can now start earning as an Uber driver.


Car Requirements

There’s a wide list of accepted cars for Uber Philippines, mostly sedans. However, vans and pick-ups are not accepted. Currently, there is no minimum engine displacement required; but LTFRB will only approve vehicles that are 3 years old or newer.

Popular cars are Toyota Vios, Wigo, Innova, Altis, and Hyundai Accent. Primary reason is because they’re currently the most affordable for a car loan. Also, all colors are accepted, using a black car is not necessary.

My brother applied for a car loan at East West Bank. He paid P50,000 downpayment and got a 5-year term with monthly amortization of P15,000. According to him, the maximum amortization you should get is P20,000 per month if you want to make good income.

Personally, I would also advise that you shop around and ask quotes and proposals for your car loan from several banks. Additionally, if there’s an opportunity, buy a second-hand car to lower your initial costs.

Average Income of Driving an Uber Car in the Philippines

After two months of driving, my brother says he takes home an average of P10,000 per month, net of all costs including the car loan payments, PLUS a variable amount from weekly driver incentives (more on this later).

Below is the accounting he gave me:


Please note that these numbers are from my brother’s experience as an Uber driver. However, he claims that other drivers whom he talked to shared an average income close to his figures as well. His breakeven is 12 rides per day.

I’m sure you noticed the part that the Net Income does not yet include Incentives that you might receive from Uber.

According to him, Uber gives out weekly targets for drivers and gives cash incentives if you hit it. The target numbers vary and it is not guaranteed that Uber will give you one each week.

Currently, my brother’s incentive for the week is 7 trips per day. He will receive P1,500 extra cash for every day that he hits the target.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an Uber driver is an excellent way to make money, particularly if you already own a qualified car.

If you’re going to buy a car for Uber, then this option becomes risky given that you’ll need to pay monthly amortization for the next five years or so. What if Uber stops operating in the Philippines (or closes down) before that?

My advise for Uber drivers who will get a car loan is to take advantage of the incentives. Try to earn as much as you can, minimize your personal expenses, and build a buffer fund for the loan payments.

Moreover, consider buying a second-hand car. Or better yet, get yourself matched and be an Uber driver for another car owner.

Lastly, this article is not meant to be a comprehensive guide for becoming an Uber driver or partner-operator. It’s still best to directly contact Uber Philippines about the process, terms, and other important details.

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  1. Hi Fitz, wanted to inquire if I intend to use my personal driver to drive an uber car, how would I apply for the Uber service category? As a driver? Is there a way I can also monitor my driver’s activities and ratings to ensure it’s compliant to uber standards.

  2. Hi Rina, you should apply as a Driver. During the application, there will be an option to drive your own car or be a partner-operator.

    In that step, choose the “Partner-Operator” option. This allows you to input a list of drivers and/or cars (at no additional costs).

    In your case, you would then enlist yourself and your personal driver (2 drivers) plus your car (1 vehicle). Either of you can drive the car.

    According to my brother, as the “main account holder” — you will be able to monitor your personal driver’s trips (history and real time) and ratings.

    Uber’s pretty helpful actually in assisting new drivers / operators. You can apply now online or through the app so you’ll be entered into the system, and then later on go to their office to ask your questions.

  3. Ok, thanks a lot Fitz. Very helpful info. One more thing, could you also share Uber’s office address? Thanks a bunch!

  4. Hi Fitz,

    Can I still apply as a driver even if Uber is not yet available in my city? I am from Butuan City in Mindanao

  5. Just in time for me to read this post as I am wondering about this Uber thing, when I heard that I might not be renewed my contract here abroad and I have a fully paid car already there in the Philippines, and was thinking to use it for supplemental income in case I am not renewed. Thanks for this

  6. Good am po. Pwede po ba ang 2015 ford fiesta hatchback sa uber? Maaprubahan po kaya ito sa LTFRB?

  7. average ride is 8 hrs? is that within 8 hrs he gets 15 trips or is that the number of hrs accumulated for 15 trips? how long is he on the road per day? whats the idle time? and fuel is 350 a day??

  8. I’d like to clarify the incentives part. For the weekly incentive, your brother gets P1,500 PER DAY (?) should he hit the 7 trips/day target OR P1,500 (for the entire week) if he hits the target of 7 rides per day for the entire week?

  9. @UberCebu
    It was P1,500 PER DAY. Incentives change each week. Sometimes there’s no incentive scheme. This was one of the best incentives he received.

  10. What does their terms and conditions state? How are passengers protected? Do these cars carry any insurance? Uber ads are tricky…

  11. Hi! Good morning po , i would like to ask if pwd po ba na e Uber ko yung 2017 PICANTO ko. Maaprubahan kaya ito ng LTFRB?

  12. Hello, I just heard na close po currently ang application ng Uber/Grab due to some issues with LTFRB. A ny update po on this as we are planning to register our car. Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  13. Nice analysis, but I think your projections on car maintenance is too conservative. Many manufacturers don’t publish actual cost of PMS services aside from Honda. It shows that you need to allocate an average of Php 1,206 just to cover the three years operating cost. This projections does not take to account wear and tear that occur when a vehicle goes beyond 3 years such as belts, pad, shoes, rotors or other things that go wrong after the warranty end or considered as wear and tear. I am afraid that the other unprojected expenses will just eat whatever income you get especially after the end of warranty period and the owner who is still in the hook for paying a car loan for 5 years. Also I do not think it includes insurances and registration cost of a vehicle.

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