Ways to Make Money in the Sharing Economy

Updated: July 24, 2023

The Internet has caused a major disruption in the lives of people. Because of the instant connectivity that it has brought, everyone found faster means to communicate, a wider reach for their self-expression, stronger support for their causes, and for entrepreneurs–new ways to do business.

For the past several years, the term “disruptive technology” has become a buzzword in the startup scene. What traditional businesses called innovation, young and hopeful entrepreneurs are now calling it disruption. And this phenomenon has caused new markets to appear that eventually challenged old business models.

One such example is the birth of the sharing economy. In a broader sense, this term refers to sales transactions done through an online marketplace, the earliest form of which was those online classified ads like Craigslist and eBay.

However, the sharing economy has already grown beyond those Internet listings. Thanks to smartphones and mobile technology, apps have become a major part of this landscape.

Furthermore, apart from providing consumers with more choices when it comes to purchasing stuff and doing things–it has also created for them an informal way to make money. Let’s now look at some of the opportunities that people are taking to earn some extra income.

Facebook Marketplace – sell stuff online

Filipinos are very familiar with online classified ads and have in fact, witnessed the rise and fall of many brands. The most popular before was Sulit, but at current, perhaps the top of mind for anyone looking to sell anything online is the Facebook Marketplace.

People sell a lot there, from collectibles to everyday necessities; from appliances to toys and gadgets; and even high-priced items such as jewelry, real estate, and cars. Anyone looking to make a quick buck can sell anything they have online here.

Airbnb – earn from rentals

This is an online marketplace that enables people to lease or rent short-term lodging. From one-person guest rooms to castles that can house a generation of your family, it’s all listed here.

Do you have an extra room in your house that no one uses? Then Airbnb can connect you with travelers seeking such accommodation. Just upload photos of your property, give some details about it, define your terms, and accomplish a few more requirements, and you’re ready to accept tenants.

Click here to join Airbnb and get free credits.

Grab and Angkas – make money with your car or motorcycle

If Airbnb is for accommodation, then Grab and Angkas are for transportation. Now present in cities nationwide, these companies are now a normal part of the Philippine public transport system and giving the taxi industry a good run for its money.

If you own a vehicle and would like to earn extra income during your free time, then you can sign up as a driver. The whole application process is fast, and you can start driving within a couple of weeks. Moreover, a lot of enterprising Pinoys have also hired drivers instead to maximize their income, especially if they have full-time jobs.

199Jobs – get hired to do simple jobs

This marketplace is for Filipinos looking to make money from their skills, particularly as online freelancers. It’s similar to online classified ads, but instead, it is used to sell services. You can get paid to be a virtual assistant, article writer, graphic designer, web developer, social media manager, and many others.

199Jobs offers a way for those with no experience to make money from their skills immediately. It helps new freelancers create a portfolio of work through simple and fast-cycle jobs, which they can later use to land bigger projects from full-time clients.

Click here to learn more about 199Jobs.

Udemy – get paid to teach people

Another interesting business concept in the sharing economy is online learning platforms such as Udemy. This service allows you to create and upload a short course, usually through videos, and make money from people who will pay to learn from it.

Uploaded courses vary from personal finance and investing to business, sales, and marketing. And there are also those for writing, cooking, and even sports. If you have expertise in a particular field–whether academic or otherwise–then you can try this income opportunity.

Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of websites and apps that provide income opportunities. There are hundreds more out there, and new ones are still being created. And if you’d like to participate and hope to make money from the sharing economy, it’s usually just a matter of finding the right platform.

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