Bonifacio Global City: Where Business Meets Passion

Updated: April 14, 2011

I went to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) the other day to meet some friends for dinner.

Since I didn’t really have anything to do that afternoon, I decided to go there early so I can shoot some photos.

Honestly, that’s one of the reasons why I love going to BGC . Going around, you’ll see an abundance of interesting subjects you can shoot. If you haven’t been there with a camera, then I suggest you do one of these days. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

While I was driving around, I took photos of BGC Cityscapes. Then I parked at Serendra and walked towards one of my favorite places to go to, Bonifacio High Street (BHS).

However, this post is not really about photography, but more about something which I noticed in Bonifacio High Street. I realized that the people and the businesses there have a good synergy going for them. What do I mean by this? Well, take a look at these photos.


Bonifacio Global City has become well known for marathons, running events, and lately, cycling. Interestingly, look around BHS and you’ll see stores which specialize on these sports like Runnr and BikeKing. Furthermore, there’s Mizuno and Nike for other sports enthusiasts.


Of course, if you go to BGC in the afternoon, one of the first things you’ll notice there are the kids freely running around the park and playing with the art installations found at Bonifacio High Street.

Below, a couple of kids are walking on those green tubes which is an interactive art piece called Hearsay. Try doing that to an art installation in a museum and security will come within seconds to stop you.


Anyway, for those children and to the many others who still nurture the child in them, Hobbes and Landes and TimeZone provides the venue where we can again be, a kid at play.


Furthermore, BHS is also known for being pet-friendly. You’ll see a lot of people hanging out and walking with their dogs there. Some would even jog around BGC together with their pets during afternoons.


And for passionate pet lovers, you have Animaland and Hobbes and Landes. Yes, it’s interesting to see that H&L sells pet accessories there and not just their usual toy puzzles and board games.


Indeed, Bonifacio Global City is a venue for common and likewise, unique passions. For example, that afternoon, I noticed a lot of skateboarders hanging out under the clear afternoon sky.


And interestingly enough, even with a passion as unique as skateboarding, you have outdoor gear shop R.O.X. and Stoked offering skateboards and other accessories inside.


For the past couple of years, Bonifacio High Street has grown in perfect harmony with Bonifacio Global City’s vision of celebrating our individual passions. The stores and their product offerings have evolved to cater to the market of passionate minds that frequent BGC.

A good location is one of the basic and most important things a business should have.

And for many of the entrepreneurs who have established themselves in BHS and in Bonifacio Global City, they certainly have found the perfect place where their business meets the passionate people they serve.

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Author’s Note: This is a sponsored post.


  1. hi. you took great shots of BGC. seemed like you had a lot of fun. :)) security used to be so strict with taking pictures in Boni High and Serendra. did you have to ask permission before you did? or are they more lax now? nice photos you got!

  2. Hi Doc Gita. No I did not have to ask permission. A lot of photographers frequent BHS and they’re more lax nowadays. In fact, in some of the photos I took, a security guard was actually standing beside me watching me shoot. 😀

  3. Good shots bro! I wonder what dslr camera are you using? are they just kit lense or upgraded lense?

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  5. hello. I’m a business student from a known school in makati and i would like to ask what are the perks/ advantages of establishing a business in bgc?

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