Ask Community #1: On Jobs, Extra Cash, MLM and Couples

Updated: January 31, 2013

It’s been a few months now since I started, and a few weeks since I officially launched ASK – our community’s question and answer portal.

For today, I’m starting a new feature series here that will highlight select questions that was asked and answered by the community.

Much like the Reader Mail series, I hope that you will find them informative and useful – and more importantly, encourage you to sign up and become part of the ASK community as well.

How do you help someone who is stubborn to find a job?

A question asked by Red, he is asking how he can help a friend who’s been procrastinating at looking for work. Here’s one of the answers that was given, from jm:

Try to find what motivates or inspire that person. Or better ask him whats keeping him from looking for a job . Maybe the last job that he have was a disaster so his confidence with himself was diminish and afraid to take another risk,because it might be the same as before. If that is not the case, ask your friend to go out, he might find new gadgets, new girls/boys / new places to hang around., That will motivate your friend to get a job.

If you have P30,000 in cash , what would you do with it?

A straightforward question asked by jm to which a lot of people advised to just keep the money as an emergency fund or consider investing them in mutual funds. One answer I liked was given by Maricel:

If I have P30,000 in cash right now, I’ll add P10,000 to my emergency fund and use the remaining P20,000 to invest in a variable life fund for my husband. Variable life, by the way, is a combination of life insurance and mutual fund.

May kilala na ba kayong yumaman sa Multi-Level Marketing?

A member named pinoy asked this – and yes, it’s okay to write in Tagalog (or in any other dialect) on the site. Anyway, the consensus seems to be negative on this topic. Ryan shares:

I got invited a couple of times na and tried once. It’s really promising pero what I say is ‘ang MLM ay para sa lahat, pero hindi lahat para sa MLM’

Do married couples need to still have separate bank accounts?

This one came from me. I do ask questions to the community once in a while and on this one, I was curious about how couples disagree in opinion on these. So I asked what people thought. One member, erds518 shares:

There is no wrong in joint accounts, unless your partner is truthful and honest enough on where the money will be spent.

But for me its much better to have both a joint and a separate account, WHY? you ask

Here is the explanation:

Joint accounts is useful as the family fund, from where will be the expenses and emergency fund will come.

Also your separate account serves as a saving tool for your family in both ways partners can save so more larger saving for the family.

I might also add, opening a trust fund for the future of the family in terms of children’s education and future.

Lastly, as more questions are added to the site, some of them could get ignored, so I’d like to encourage everyone to please share your thoughts on these still unanswered questions:

By ivyangela:
What are the requirements for setting up a SPA business in the Philippines?

By braveheart:
Buying a car, brand new through bank loan or old one through cash?

And that ends our very first feature on the ASK community. If you want to know more what others said or contribute your thoughts on them, then just visit the links and become a member, it’s totally free! Thank you.

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  1. On couples joint account… my answer is, my wife and i don’t have joint account but i do gave the half of my salary for our savings and she deposited it to the bank under her name…it’s matter of trust to each other and capability to handle your savings.. my wife is much better on that than me…she’s like a bank that you can deposit but you can’t withdraw specially if it’s really not needed…

  2. niceone sir fitz

    i love what you have done here, heheheh more people are going to read this and join the crowdsourcing

    keep it up sir fitz

  3. Yo,

    i agree with the separate accounts and a joint account. Look if you just have one account between couples, things get messy..

    you will never agree on everything –

  4. anak po ba kayo ng nanay at tatay nyo? hehehe! joke lang…I just wanna ask if you know about forex? and do you have knowledge about it, pahingi naman ng tips kuya fitz…thanks!

  5. Good book in real estates… becoming an agent lot close calls in securing a deals. So i need to know what book i must read.


  6. Hindi naman lahat yumaman sa MLM pero hopefully sa lahat ng sumali ay may natutunan kayo. Natutunan ko na sa MLM eh pwedi ka talaga umasenso at kumita ng malaki kung magagawa mo eto ng tama.Kung meron naman ako 30k at yun lang ang last money ko. I will save 10k for the next month and use 20k to roll into business. I will make sure na for the next three months eh may maitabi na ako emergency fund.

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