An Update on My BDO EIP Peso Balanced Fund Investment

Updated: May 12, 2017

Three years ago, I invested in BDO’s Peso Balanced Fund through their Easy Investment Plan (EIP).

If you don’t know what the BDO EIP is, it’s a service by the bank wherein they will automatically debit a fixed amount from your savings account and invest it in your chosen Unit Investment Trust Fund.

I chose to invest P5,000 every month in the BDO Peso Balanced Fund, which started back in September 2011 and is still ongoing today.

Today, I’m sharing you an update on that investment.

First, here’s a screenshot of the investment status taken from my online banking account. If it’s too small, then just click the photo to see the full size.


What are you seeing here?

I’m investing P5,000 every 15th of the month (13th or 14th if the 15th falls on a weekend) and I will only get a Confirmation of Participation (COP) every time the investment value reaches P10,000.

Each row in the table represents one COP (this column is not shown). The first COP, which is the first row, you will see that the invested amount is P15,232.39 and was placed in November 15, 2011. Meanwhile, the next COP (2nd row), the invested amount is P10,226.02 and was placed January 13, 2012.

The table below illustrates how this is happening:


The “Number of Units Bought” is P5,000 divided by the Net Asset Value Per Unit (NAVPU). Meanwhile, the “Total Units without COP” is the running total of units without COP. Lastly, the “Value of Units at Current NAVPU” is the running total of units bought without COP multiplied by the latest NAVPU.

Get a calculator if you want to confirm the computations. But if you can’t fully understand this, then it’s totally okay because this all happens automatically anyway. Personally, I just call my BDO branch and ask them if I have a COP.

This process just goes on and on, and the “Amount as of [DATE]” is the present value of the COP if I cashed out that specific COP.

The photo below is that first COP from November 2011, which according to the screenshot above, is now worth P20,710.39.


How’s the investment performing?

In a span of 33 months, I’ve already invested a total amount of P166,845.09 and if I cashed out all of my units last May 16, 2014, then I would have received P187,087.73 – and earned P20,242.64 for myself.

By using a Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculator, I am able to discover that my investment is currently growing at a rate of 8.73% every year.

Type this in Excel to confirm: =RATE(33,-5000,0,187087.73,1)*12*100

I’m happy with the current performance of my Balanced Fund, that’s why I’m continuing the BDO EIP.

Savings Account and Time Deposit

Assuming I did not invest the P5,000 every month and instead, just put it in a savings account or a time deposit. Then here’s what will happen to my money:


I’m sure glad that I put my money in a UITF Investment.

How about you, where are you putting your money?

This post is NOT sponsored by BDO, nor is it an endorsement of their Balanced Fund. You should know that I also have UITF investments in BPI, and other banks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the result of your investment plan in BDO. Truly appreciate it. I learned something.

    What if you only have P1,500 a month to allocate for this kind of investment, where can I place it?

  2. Thank you for sharing your result in your investment plan in BDO. Truly appreciate it. I learned something.

    What if I only have P1,500 a month to set aside for this kind of investment, what can you suggest where I can place it?

  3. Hi Fitz! Thanks for sharing..I just opened the same fund as yours last February 2014 and as of the moment, I’m very much happy with the interest rate (10%) which is higher as compared if I will just leave it in the regular deposit..I plan to save it for my daughter’s future in the next 10-20 years (maybe?)..

  4. sir fitz why did you chose balanced fund instead of equity fund? assuming u invested in the equity fund, is the gain higher?

  5. Ang baba nman, for 187,000 you gained 20,000 for two years. It’s good thing I didn’t trust BDO that much. Mhirap tlga kpag mbilis ang turnover ng isang company.

  6. Fitz – how about the management fee? Is your P20,242.64 net of any deductions?

  7. Thanks for sharing this Fitz! I almost forgot about BDO’s investment options. Do you know if it’s necessary to have a savings account with them before one can open an investment account?

  8. @Arianne, kasi nka cost averaging. pag bull ang market, di kasing laki ng kita kung nag lump sum investment. kung bear, di naman ganun ka lugi. subscribe din ako sa bdo eip last june 2011, isang lump sum tapos start 10k/month EIP. yung lump sum ko 40%< na kinita na (nag peak ng ~60% nung May2013 before the semi-crash =( ), pero yung EIP a little more than 10% lng. di kasing galing (sa ngayon) ang UITF ng BDO compared sa Security Bank,PNB or AB Capital UITF, pero at least naman mas malaki sa bangko. sa Mutual Fund realm, halos kapareho nya sa performance ang Philequity Fund..ang present na hari ng mga equity Mutual Fund sa pinas.

  9. Thank you so much for this!!!! I’m 23 and in 3 years i’ll go to my residency training, and hoping to have some extra money just in case my income from it doesn’t seem to fit. Hehe guess this is perfect for me? Or would you suggest other company? Thanks again.

  10. Also, I am with BPI. In your opinion, should I opt to invest in BDO rather than in BPI? Hehe thanks again!!

  11. @Effem
    The minimum investment required for BDO EIP is P1,000 per month. So you can also do this.

    That’s an excellent plan. For financial needs in 10-20 years time is what this kind of investment best used for.

    I invest directly in the stock market, so choosing an equity fund would be a bit redundant. But also, my goal for this specific investment only requires a balanced fund, not an equity fund.

    In any case, if I invested in an equity fund, the gains would be much higher – which is evident in my stock market portfolio.

    Where are you invested? How much were your gains?

    Yes, the NAVPU is already net of fees and taxes, so you just have to multiply your units with the current NAVPU.

    Yes, it’s required because that’s where they will get the money for the automatic investment, and that’a also where they’ll deposit the cash when you redeem.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the explanation. May I add that, at the end of the day, what’s important is that the money grew above inflation rates, which is currently at 4%.

    Invest where it would be convenient for you – para hindi ka tamarin mag-invest. Kung mas malapit at mas accessible ang BPI sayo, then invest there instead – they have a similar product, the BPI RSP (Regular Subscription Plan).

    Also, both banks, BDO and BPI, along with other investment companies and commercial banks, are all invested in the Philippine economy. So their fund performance will not differ that much.

    Lastly, the main reason why people should invest is not to make the most profit, but to be able to afford one’s financial goals.

  12. Hi Fitz,

    Once maka-10,000 lang ba tsaka sya bumibili ng units? Or cada debit sayo bibili sya ng unit na kasya sa debit amount mo?

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Fitz,

    Can you clarify something about EIP, have you ever encountered a situation like this, I contribute Php 2500 per month so supposedly my rollover is every 4 months, but I had an instance where in the fourth month it did not rollover and when I called the bank they told me that the total would not amount to 10k, but based on the 3 previous contributions I made it was performing well and was earning. They said the the NAVPU was high during the time of purchase of my 4th contribution and the total value of my 4 contributions as of that date was below 10k.

    Now my question shouldn’t they rolled over on the fourth month as the total amount I contributed is already 10k or it is really based on the total value as of current date?

    Thanks again! Your doing great getting us enlightened on personal finance! Keep it up. =D


  14. @ anthony, I also invested in this type of vehicle. with an amount of 1k/5th and 25th of the month just for testing. supposedly the roll over is within 5 months but then, upon calculation based on the NAVPU price, within 5 months, the total just amounted to 9K+. As per the seminar that I attended, the roll over happens only when you hit the 10k limit. and so, I ended up with 11 total contributions with an amount of 11k+ in total.

    @sir Fitz, I would like to ask about the screen shot above. I asked the bank on how to monitor the roll over but to no avail. Where and how where you able to attain the information? thank you

  15. @ Fitz. Agree. To be conservative actually, ilagay na lng natin sa 5% ang inflation rate. Kaya nga kung sa BDO EIP, either balanced fund or equity to beat inflation. ok sana yung bond funds before 2013, almost lamang sa inflation, kasi may pressure to reduce interest rates (pababa pa SDA %), pero recently, may pressure naman to increase interest rates so kung mapapnsin natin, negative returns lahat ng bond funds from 2013. kung sa BPI, ang recommended na UITF or MF (ALFM) eh yung nag track ng PSEi. in the long term, talo nya yung mga actively managed funds…except siguro ang philequity. magaling lang talaga Philequity fund pero hindi kasi natin sure kung hanggang kelan si Mr Valentino Sy magiging fund manager (60yr old<).

  16. hi FITZ ppano po kung every 3 months ka mag huhulog like 3k every 3 month ok lang po un kc po may service charge ofw po ako thanks..gusto ko rin po mag apply nyan UITF ano po ba ang mga proseso nyan thanks po

  17. @ BHAI


    @ Fitz
    From time to time I infuse funds on my UITF usually the 10k minimum a top of my EIP is the Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculator still applicable if you are doing this? Cause the result is quite so to speak.

    Thanks again.

  18. if you decide to cash out everything, will there be taxes and fees that will be deducted from the account value?

  19. I tried to compute your invesment in the BDO UITF yield calculator it appears that you gained 61,753.87 pesos. Why is that in your actual you only gained 20K?

  20. Hi WR. The BDO UITF yield calculator assumes a one-time investment, i.e. I invested all of the P187k in one go back in 2011.

    I only gained 20k because I’m doing cost averaging and investing only P5k every month, from 2011 up to the present.

  21. Hi carol… there will be no more taxes and fees that will be deducted because those are already incorporated in the NAVPU computation. So it’s just a straightforward multiplication when you cash out.

  22. Hi Fitz! I’m an OFW and what if on my next vacay I decided to open this Peso balanced Fund just like yours, say 10k monthly, and setup my old savings account with bdo as the account where they can debit the money monthly. I have several questions and I hope you can enlighten me a little.
    Would you know if there will be an instance that I have to appear or come by the bank?
    Will they need something from me at anytime wherein I need to come personally or none? Because I’m worried that if they would need me to come, then definitely I won’t be able to because my vacation is only once a year.
    What’s the purpose of this COP?
    Is it possible that all transactions will be through emails?

    Thank you in advance and thank you for sharing this. I’ve been looking for investment options that will work for me while I’m away and if this works out, it would be a great help so thanks.

  23. Hi, sir. I have just started the process of applying for EIP in BDO and I don’t have any idea if now is a good time to do so. I’ve checked their NAVPus and there’s a column called YOY (year-on-year?) that is showing a negative value. I don’t know what that means and I would really appreciate if you could clarify if that means good or bad for me to invest.

    Backstory: I signed the application at my BDO branch but the officer who was going to approve it in the system was on leave so my applications are still on hold. I have chosen to invest 10k in equity and 10k in balanced as my first foray into this.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hi minabey. Investing in both Equity Fund and Balanced Fund should be long-term. You should be able to continue investing monthly for at least 3 years, and afford not to redeem your investments for 5 years or more.

    If indeed, you can afford to do this long-term, then there’s no need to time the market and worry about the negative values of YOY. What is more important is the 5-yr performance of the fund and beyond, which is usually always positive.

    Lastly, the best time to invest for the long-term is always now. Don’t delay, don’t wait.

  25. Paano makukuha ung certificate of participations? Thru mail or email or pupunta ka sa bank para makuha iyong certificate?

  26. Hi Fitz,
    I opened an account for my son so that he’ll be able to learn how to save money. He is 9 years old now. My question is, can he apply for EIP already? I want it to be under his name so that he can really appreciate how important it is to save for the future.

  27. @Evelyn
    Yes you can apply for an EIP vis-a-vis UITF online if you have an existing account in BDO or BPI. If you are currently in abroad consider emailing your bank that you are willing to apply for EIP and UITF so they can arrange a special participation for you via e-mail communication.

  28. Hi Fitz,

    I am inspired with your talk on recently held Wealth Summit. Just a question, is it okay to invest on BDO Equity fund for 5 years? Let’s say i can invest atmost 5k monthly. Im 26 years old and I think high risk is still manageable for me.


  29. @Mark
    It’s best that you get it directly from the branch

    I believe that can be arranged for the account to be transferred to his name at a designated age because it is after all, a trust fund – just like what they mention in the movies. 😀

    Yes, at least 5 years for an Equity fund is good. But the longer, the better.

  30. Hi sir Fitz, for example after 3 years of investing nag pa stop ako ng debiting pero hindi ko kinuha yung pera ko. Then after another 2 years saka ko lang winidraw, mag accumulate pa din ba ng interest yun kahit hindi na ako nag hulog ng 2 years?

  31. Hi Fitz. I just want to ask if how can I claim my COP if I am working overseas and no co investor. Is it possible to BDO to mail it to my home address in the Philippines instead then I can have them later on during my vacation. Thanks.

  32. Hi Sir! ask ko lang what if ang contribution ko per 2,500 then after 3 months gawin kong 5k… then after 3 months gusto ko syang ibalik sa 2,500? PWEDE BA UN?

  33. Good day po Sir Fritz, very informative po yung blog nyo, actually po, OFW ako at 8 years n ako sa abroad, laking panghihinayang ko at kelan ko lang nalaman about investing, at tama po kayo na dapat hindi lang sa savings ang pera, napakaliit naman kc ng tubo, although may risk sa investing, pero base sa blog nyo, mukhang ok naman pala. Wala po kc akong alam tlga sa investing pa, in another blog nabasa ko na as a newbie ok ang UITF pag wala pa alam sa investing, ask ko lng po, if ever I will be starting my investment sa Peso Balanced Fund tulad ng sa inyo, magkano po ba ang required na laman ng account mo para makapag start? Pag ok po ang merkado, can I continue to invest kahit 10 years above? Gusto ko po kc yung hindi natutulog lang yung pera ko sa banko, kc tulad namin na OFW, minsan 1-2 years hindi naman namin nagagalaw yung savings namin. Thanks po in advance sa reply nyo.

  34. Hello po,

    Question. I have subscribed to Peso Balanced Fund but not under the EIP. I wish to increase yields by adding funds into it but the bank suggested me to get a separate COP if the additional is at least 10k and if lower than 10k, I would have to redeem 10k + proceeds less fees. Bakit po ganun?

    Interested ako sa Sunlife MF. Gusto ko po maliwanagan ng mabuti. If okay lang may time po kayo for skype or viber or whaatsapp. Sa ibang bansa po kasi kami ngayon asawa ko. Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi Rico, there was a delay in the processing of the COP. That’s why there were COP’s that was consecutively generated during June and July 2013.

  36. Hi can i ask if san makikita ung unit value n nbli m0 per m0nthly deduction? Para ma multply sa navpu.

  37. hi fitz. i dont have any idea kung anu pinasok ko, i just open an acct with bdo equity fund worth ok 35k last 2013 and not so sure whats going on. Maari bang maubos ung ininvest ko?thanks


  38. Hi Fitz, im almost on the door of getting out of BDO EIP, i have read your 2011 post and the update today. It’s really informative and interesting to realize.
    But one thing that makes my think, the COP….can you put lay man’s term on this as I’m a bit confused.
    Thank you so much and more power to you.


  39. Hi Mon. The Confirmation of Participation (COP) is your proof of investment, or in simple terms, your “Official Receipt (OR)” for the transaction.

    BDO issues that for every P10,000 that you invest. And you should keep it in a safe place.

    When you want to get back your money, just bring the COP and BDO will give your money back according to the current value of the investment within 3-5 banking days.

    Should you lose your COP, you can still get a copy from BDO, but you’ll need to submit an affidavit of loss and other documents. So it’s better to just keep it safe.

  40. Hi Mr. Fitz, magkano po ang minimum na laman ng saving accounts from BDO before you apply for these investment funds? I am planning to apply for the Peso Fixed Income Fund wherein 1k lang ang ibabawas sa savings ko per month. I was able to read all your previous posts at medyo nae-enlightened na po ako sa mga pangyayari.

    Thank you in advance! ^_^

  41. Hi Fitz, Thanks for sharing your experience with UITF. I am also enrolled in BDO’s EIP Equity Fund just early last year where I put in 5000 monthly. I am considering to open another one but this time with Security Bank as I noticed that they are performing much better than the BDO. My question, is it wise for me to open another UITF with SB or wiser to just increase my monthly investment with BDO’s Equity Fund? And assuming, I decide to open another UITF with SB, will you agree with my choice of balanced fund or other moderate risk funds over their Equity fund? I intend to keep my investment for 3 to 5 years with SB as the gains are seem to be better in here which means the faster I will reach my goal while 5 to 8 yrs with BDO. And btw, I am also contemplating of opening a MF. Thanks in advance and all the best!

  42. hi Fitz, I’m an OFW, possible kaya sa BDO EIP na yung mga COP’s ay kukunin ko lang during my vacation (every year). Bale sila muna ang mag tatago nito?

  43. good day sir. ask ko lang po, if nilagay ko dun sa date ng auto debit sa account ko e every 10th of the month, strict po ba sila na every 10th talaga sila babawas? kasi when i had my passbook updated, february 9 sila nag autodebit. and i checked/calculated (based sa pinakita mo na calculations sa taas), supposed to be may COP na ako ngayon if im not mistaken, pero sabi ng BDO wala pa daw. I started investing late sa BDO equity through EIP, 5k every 10th of the month (started feb 10, 2015). thank you!

  44. Hi sir fitz!

    I’m 24 years old and currently enrolled at BDO EIP (Equity Fund) for 5,000 a month. Additionally I have 30,000 Balanced fund and 20,000 Equity Fund also from the same bank.

    All I can say is that I’m very inspired by you.

    Please continue inspiring us! Thank you!

  45. Hi, is it possible to receive the COP through email? Baka kase hindi ako umuwi sa Pilipinas for many years. Also, is it possible for a relative to get my money back for the same reason na baka hindi ako umuwi sa Pilipinas for many years.

    – Markel

  46. Hi Mr Fitz,
    I am just uncertain to what i saw above the screenshot of investment status. Upon showing your investment status, i found out that there is hidden constant value from first to the last when I divide the “”amount as of(..)”” to “”No. of units””, a nearly constant value of 3816.45,,,,,,,….

    20,710.39/5.4266 = 3816.45781889
    13,337.37/3.4947 = 3816.45634818
    12,571.41/3.2940 = 3816.45719489
    11,278.01/2.9551 = 3816.45629589
    10,582.66/2.7729 = 3816.45930253
    10,070.49/2.6387 = 3816.45886231

    Where did this come from.

    Looking forwar.



  47. Hi, tanong ko lang kung anong oras nalalaman ung NAVPU at the end of the day? Anong time po ba nagoopen at closing ng market?? Salamat

  48. malaki na din ang gain, in two years time, considering peso balanced pa yan. minsan yung nagcocomment din kasi isipi isipin muna at aral nang kaunti…
    PESO BALANCED ang pinaguusapan dito hindi EQUITY..tamaan yung nagpost ng mababa daw ang gain na 20k.

    btw sir fitz, thank you for posting this article. marami po kaming natutunan. it really helped a lot before i decided which fund to invest with… more power po! 😀

  49. Hi, I am currently enrolled at BDO EIP (Peso-balanced) for 1,000 every end of the month.. I decided to put 10,000 as my initial investment for UITF last July 14, 2015. Unfortunately, I had a loss of -457.31 in my first COP. Starting July 31, they are deducting 1k to my savings monthly… Currently, the amount of my UITF is 9,542.69. I’ll be having the next COP probably in April 2016. Do you think makakabawi ako after 3 years?

  50. Hi sir,
    I’ve been inspired by this post and opened my uitf account this time last year. I was just wondering how do I check this online as I have never seen this in my online banking. Do I have to apply for this? Thanks!

  51. Hi Fitz,

    God Day,

    meron po sana akong question I hope you c enlighten me.

    I have UITF equity sa BDO , my first 10k ko po ay may na release cla saking COP at 8,872.77 po ang value ng money ko , then sa second 10k na investment ko po ay 9,940.95 ang value nia ngaun..pareho po clang loss ng -1,127.23 at -59.05 respectively. and ngayon po ay plan ko ulit may invest ng Another 10k sa UITF equity. and tanung ko po ay should I wait po ba na bumaba ulit ang NAV ng BDO equity or mag invest nako anytime..

    Napansin ko po kasi sa dalawang investment ko na magkaiba ng panahon inienvest ay malaki ang difference nila..which is 1k plus..

    according po sa mga Finacial adviser, ang right time to invest is NOW, kaso in this case po parang may requirements ng timing..WAla pa nman po akong planong i redeem ang aking investment kasi masyado pang bata at loss pati in value.

    Anu po ba ang marerecommend nyo sa anther 10k na iinvest ko , shall I wait po ba na bumaba ang NAV bago ako mag invest or anytime…

    Thank you po in advance kung matutulungan nyo po ako salamat.

  52. Hi sir fitz, i plan to invest in bdo eip balanced fund with 10k monthly, it means na monthly rin ang release ng COP, possible po ba na yung banko ang magtatago ng mg cop until i visit the branch to get it, malayo kasi sa city ang trabaho ko

  53. @renz – Yes. I have been investing 10k monthly since 2014. I just pick up the COPs in trenches kapag may time, usually every 6 months.

  54. hello po. napansin ko lang po bkit hinde po sakto ung invested amount ? may charges po ba ? and pag nag auto debit ka po ba ng 2k a month may units kna po ba makukuha or pag nareach mo lang ung 10k saka iiinvest ? thanks po

  55. hello po. sir fritz. nag apply po ko for EIP. tinanong ko po yung branch kung pano ko po mamomonitor yung EIP ko , sabe po nila mamomonitor ko lang daw po yun once na 10k na ung value ng unit ko ? ganun po ba yun ? and yung binigay lang po saking copy is yung blue na eip form. approved na po ba pag ganun ? and yung COP po ba kahit saang branch pwedeng iredeem ? thank you po.

  56. His sir, ask Ko Lang po anong mangyayari SA eip Ko SA bdo equity. Every 13th po pala pagdebit SA 5k monthly investment. Di enough yung money na nandun. Ngayon nalagyan Ko Lang around 20th na, magpa patuloy pa ba yung eip Ko monthly? I’m so confused as I want to continue as it is. Thank you po sir

  57. I just ask regarding my EIP investment in BDO…pag na- comply na po yung 10k minimum amount of investment pwede na hindi na magcontribute?

  58. @eliada
    Pwede pa rin. Pero bubuo ka ulit ng P10k to get a Certificate of Participation (COP).

    If your EIP is P2,000 per month, then you’ll need to continue for 5 months to get a COP. Afterwards, you can choose to stop, or again to continue.

  59. Hellow po ofw po ako pero gusto ko po sana mag karon ng stock kaya ko po mg deposit ng 10k at yung monthly na kahit 2k. Pero problema ko po kasi malayo ako kanino po kaya ako pwd makipag usap para dito pwd ko po ba irepresentative ang husband ko jan s pinas slamat po sa pag tugon.

  60. Hello Sir. ask ko lang po kung pano po makuha ang COP ? tinignan ko po kase sa online nila wala paren pong nakalagay. do i need to go there personally to get my COP ? Thank you Sir.

  61. Hi Sir. my question lang po ko. Currently subscriber po ko ng BDO Fixed Income fund. and i decided to take more risk po. pwede ko po ba syang iamend para baguhin ung uitf ko ? or kailangan ko pong mag subscribe po ng panibago ? mas gusto ko na sana ung Equity fund po.. Thank you so much sir.

  62. Hi sir, thanks for sharing.. may katanungan lng po ako about sa UITF equity fund ng BDO, nakita ko po under peso denominated uitfs meron po ilan ilan klase ng equity fund meron, ( EPCIB equity fund, equity index fund, ESG equity fund and focused equity fund). Tanong ko po saan po sa kanila ang maganda.?. Halos pare pareho lng facts.. salamat po.


  63. Good thing you started earlier when the economy for the major part was bullish. I started investing 2K a month since January 2013 and as of now, I have a net loss of 2K+. So it’s not always birds, trees, flowers and bees. I’m sure your net profit has gone down from 2013 to 2017 as mine have. I also invested in BDO Peso Balanced Fund.

  64. Hi sir Fitz,
    Im planning to open mutual fund, but i dont have much idea. If i put 50k php in one time for long term investment. Do. I need to put any amount on mmy account every month. Please advise. Thank you.

  65. @Atty Ryu
    Yes, the net profit is down, but that’s part of the cycle. I’ve been able to get more units. And by cost averaging, the profits will be much higher in the next bull run.

    Sure I’ll find time soon to share a 2017 update.

    My suggestion is to study how mutual funds work first. In the meantime, you can put that P50k in a low-risk unit investment trust fund in your own bank.

  66. hi there anyone here who is currently invested in saveflex secure of BDO? just want to know if this is good or’s a VUL type of investments. .anyone knows this ? please let me know your thought about it..thank you 🙂

  67. I have already invested a total of 260K on my peso balance fund account as of October 31, 2017. I pegged my monthly contribution at 20k, debited twice as agreed.It would be a total of 13 months as I am not regularly depositing 20K for the monthly contribution. Right now, bdo balance fund is down. My account is already down by -10 K. I am not concerned however, but just anxious to know why is this happening. I checked the performance of other Banks, and many of them are on the upside. Any idea why this consistent drop is going on at BDO?

  68. My uitf in bdo started 4 years ago grew up to 13% as of now I just don’t know how the banks perform

  69. Hi. Sir Fitz. I have been following your blogs way back 2014 to present. I learned a lot from your blogs. I just would like to ask for your opinion if it’s good for me to redeem my bdo uitf fixed fund more than 3 years na ako invested. I have also a bdo uitf equity fund which is earning already. Id like to reinvest the fixed fund to my equity fund. What do you think po? Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

  70. hello po sir Fitz . this january 2018 lang po ako nag start. wala po akong idea.
    and i chose bdo equity fund. 2k will be deducted on my account every end of the for 5 months.

  71. Hi,

    How is your Peso Balanced Fund doing now? the NAVPU of tne amount i invested in in 2014 has gone down by 20% in the last update.

    Did you also suffer a drop in your investmen? where is BDO actually investing this fund? Why is it allowing this steep decline to continue to the detriment of its investirs? What are they doing about this?

    Thank you

    Sorry Investor

  72. @LoloNiDanozee

    I’ve already redeemed my units last quarter 2017.

    I’m sorry to hear about your paper loss. BDO is investing this in Philippine equities and fixed income securities.

    I can’t speak for the BDO fund managers, especially on what they’re doing about this, but I believe part of the reason why it’s down is because the index itself is down — and most funds right now that carry equities are likewise down.

    So this is not an isolated case. Everything is down.

    My advise is to review your financial goals, and rebalance your portfolio accordingly. My personal opinion is that this fund will trend upwards by late 2019. So if you’re hoping to redeem this, it would probably be possible by early or mid 2020.

  73. My Peso Balance Fund is now down 13% from my invested amount. My goal is for long term investment. But I’m worried that it might not go up anymore and will retain a low value.

    I am also hoping for the better like you said for 2020.

  74. @kayemee
    Everything’s down nowadays. Just ride through the market volatility. Focus on earning more income instead. Let your investment sleep.

    I did not lose money. I gained around 6% compounded annual return. I’ve been cost averaging since 2011. That’s the beauty of that strategy.

  75. Wow. Good thing is thread is still active. Is it still ok to invest now? Kung mag invest po ako ng 10k per month, pwede i reinvest yung gains?

  76. @Marc, it’s always a good time to invest for long-term. Invest only what you can afford to not touch for at least 5 years. You receive the gains only when you redeem the investment, there is nothing you can reinvest in this type of investment during the holding period.

  77. Hi Fitz, do you think okay maginvest sa Money Market for longterm, say 5 years and up? Thank you!

  78. @Rhea, okay lang but you are “losing money” because of inflation… if you want a conservative investment for long-term, try corporate bonds – they have better growth rates than money market funds.

  79. Hi sir! Im planning to to invest in bdo this month pero im torn between peso balanced and money market. My goal is to let my money earn for a couple of yrs before redeeming it rather than let it stay in savings account na hnd kumikita. And i also want to gain more pero hnd sobrang risky. Any thoughts pls? Thanks.

  80. Hi Fitz! I have read your blog and it’s inspiring. I am also with BDO EIP Equity Fund since 2015. There is already a significant loss because I think the market is really low. I am not sure how confident I should be that my investment would go up again. Will there ever be a time wherein “all” your investment will be lost? I mean I can take losses, not just losing my entire fund. Should I stop or should I just continue? Thanks!

  81. @Misty
    You can just hold everything for now. You will not lose your entire fund, everything is just down right now. I talked to my friends who are market analysts and most are saying that the market will eventually recover on or before 2022.

    It would be a good idea to just continue if you plan to use the money in the fund after 2022. If not, then just hold and don’t add anymore.

  82. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for all these advice and insights. I’m still hoping that 2022 will be the time of good harvest.

    My PBAL is now down to -16K. I’m wondering if it’s still practical to add funds to it.

  83. Wow, this thread is long but I am glad that I found it. Had I not read this post and all the comments, I would have completely lost my faith in UITF investing. I started investing in Equity Fund since 2010. Without any financial goal in mind, I would place small amounts every month and just forget about it. On or around January 2018, upon hearing that the PSEI hit 9,000, I went to the bank to inquire about the redemption value of my UITF, and to my surprise, I had a paper gain of -gasp- P1MM+. But I did not withdraw. Shortly thereafter, the index went down rapidly, until my paper gain was reduced to P200K. I went through a series of depression, wanting to kick myself for not locking in the gain. Now the paper gain has increased to P600k. I still have no immediate need for funds, my EIP is continuing, but I wonder if I should withdraw everything as soon as PSEI goes back up to 9,000 level. FITZ, please advise, what should I do? Or should I leave the money in UITF until my retirement, which is a good 20 years away? (Just to assuage my feelings beaten and bruised by this volatility.

  84. @Blankwalls
    My recommendation is to redeem / withdraw when it goes back up to 9000 level. I believe it would do you a lot of good to lock-in your profits.

    But don’t spend the money, use the money to increase your current EIP amount. Reinvest it back.

    For example, if your current EIP is P10,000 a month, then you can make it P20,000 a month instead after you redeem at 9000 level.

  85. Question about the EIP scheme, how does the 30 day minimum holding period apply? Does it apply per deposit, per COP or once you finish the one month of your initial deposit, you can freely withdraw from the investment?

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