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7 Bad Financial Advice That a Lot of People Follow

Updated: November 3, 2017 | Personal Finance | 10 Comments

When you need financial advice, who do you ask? For many, it’s their closest friends. Unfortunately, not everyone can give good financial advice. If someone has no background nor experience in personal finance and investments, then they’ll most likely give misguided financial advice. But because we trust our friends, people who seek such advice are […]

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How to Invest in Bonds for Beginners

Updated: September 20, 2018 | Investing | 7 Comments

If you’re looking for an investment that’s less risky than the stock market but earns higher than time deposits, then consider investing in bonds. But what are bonds? How do you make money from them? What are the risks? And finally, how do you invest in bonds? What are bonds? A bond is a debt […]

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How to Easily Decide Where to Invest

Updated: August 9, 2018 | Investing | 6 Comments

Where should I invest? How do I choose the best mutual fund? What bank has the best UITF performance? Which stock broker has the best recommendation? If you’re new to investing, then it’s normal to have these questions in mind. A lot of people actually ask me these, and my answer is always the same… […]

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8 Important Facts About Investing That People Often Forget

Updated: April 30, 2018 | Investing | 2 Comments

These days, learning about personal finance and investment is as easy as searching online. However, this is a double-edged sword because while information has become more accessible, not everything you’ll read on the Internet will be true or helpful. I’ve seen websites with misleading data, people telling false stories, and the worst of them all […]

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The Time Value of Money: The Math Behind Interest Rates

Published: May 29, 2015 | General Information, Investing | 6 Comments

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money.” But what do these two things actually have to do with one another? German Nande explains the math behind interest rates, revealing the equation that will allow you to calculate the future value of your money. Applying the formula to investments Most investments have historical performance data, […]

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Good Investments for 2015: Where To Put Your Money This Year

Published: January 5, 2015 | Investing | 27 Comments

It’s now time to answer what many Filipino investors are asking… where should they invest in 2015? But before I tell you my investment tips for the Year of the Sheep, let’s take a look first at my recommendations last year and check how the market performed with respect to my advise. A Year in […]

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The Best Insurance Company in Terms of Investments

Updated: August 12, 2018 | Investing, Personal Finance | 29 Comments

I was on Facebook the other day, when I saw this question being asked in a group. “Can you please advice me which is the best insurance company in terms of investments? Manulife? Sunlife or Philam? Thanks.” The initial responses where agents and advisors who are sharing why they are the best insurance company. Meanwhile, […]

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How To Overcome Your Fear of Losing Money When Investing

Updated: May 31, 2018 | Investing | 12 Comments

Nobody wants to lose money. And when it comes to investing, this is a possibility. Unfortunately, this fact has turned a lot of people off and made them choose to not invest at all. I used to be like that, too. I was a strong believer that when it comes to my hard-earned money, “It’s […]

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An Update on My BDO EIP Peso Balanced Fund Investment

Updated: May 12, 2017 | Investing | 98 Comments

Three years ago, I invested in BDO’s Peso Balanced Fund through their Easy Investment Plan (EIP). If you don’t know what the BDO EIP is, it’s a service by the bank wherein they will automatically debit a fixed amount from your savings account and invest it in your chosen Unit Investment Trust Fund. I chose […]

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Where To Invest in 2014

Updated: January 4, 2015 | Investing | No Comments

First of all, let me greet all of you a Happy New Year! Today, we’ll discuss several investment opportunities that you can go into for 2014. So I certainly hope you didn’t spend all your Christmas bonus and 13th month pay during the holidays, because the “Year of the Horse” will be an interesting year […]

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8 Charts That All Philippine Stock Market Investors Should See

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Investing | 3 Comments

Hello there stock market investor and welcome to this 5-minute lesson about the Philippine stock market. Below are eight charts that I would like you to see. Each of these charts provide interesting insights, all of which leads to one important lesson about investing in the stock market that I hope you’ll learn and remember. […]

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Reader Mail #23: No Nonsense Answers To Investing Questions

Published: April 1, 2013 | Reader Mail | 12 Comments

Welcome to another edition of Reader Mail, the special article series on this blog where I answer questions from readers. For today, I’ll be tackling several questions about investments, most of which have been sent to me multiple times by different people over the past few weeks. Honestly, I’ve been flooded by such inquiries lately, […]

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Ask Community #3: On Investments, Assets and the Stock Market

Published: January 31, 2013 | Ask Community | 9 Comments

It’s been months since I featured questions from the ASK Community and thought it would be a good time to feature some again today. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this on a more regular basis, probably towards the end of every month. So without further ado, here are a few questions that people have […]

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On Dying Too Soon and Living Too Long

Updated: January 27, 2016 | In Focus, Personal Finance | 30 Comments

If given the choice, would you rather die too soon, or live too long? Well, I’m sure you’d choose the second option, unless you’re missing a few screws in your head. Indeed, everyone wants to live a long and happy life. However, it’s a fact that nobody really knows when they’ll die. And if we […]

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