A Letter To My 21-Year-Old Self

Updated: March 7, 2023

Dear Fitz,

This letter comes to you from across many years in the future; hoping that it reaches you in a week’s moment before you walk up that stage to accept your diploma.

If so, then I say congratulations! You’ve made it through university life.

It was hard and challenging, but I know we had lots of fun.

Don’t be sad that college is over, and you’re packing your stuff for the very last time to leave the dorm, where you’ve spent the past several years living in. Because now, better and greater things await you.

Do you know those four friends whom you spent last weekend drinking in Katipunan? You’ll be best friends with them for many years.

All of you will eventually find work in Metro Manila and you’ll spend a couple more years together – meeting after work and looking back at your college days with fond memories.

Two of them will eventually leave the country, but it will not matter because by that time, a website named Friendster will be there; and in a few more years, Facebook – two incredible social networking sites that will guarantee your friendships will survive the test of distance.


I know you’re anxious and fearful of what’s ahead.

In a few more weeks and you’ll be starting your board examination review. Don’t worry too much and just attend your classes. Trust me when I say that you’ll eventually pass the board.

So congratulations in advance, because a year from now, you’ll be an engineer.

But enough about telling your future, for that is not the real purpose of my writing.

I am here to give you a few pieces of advice, which I know you’d appreciate receiving – especially before you finally go out to live the rest of your life.

First, don’t be in such a hurry to live independently from your parents. You’ve been away from home most of your college life, and they miss you. Spend a few more years with them, before you go to live in your own apartment.

Second, begin saving a part of your income every payday. You should know that your first paycheck will come a few months from now; because yes, you’ll eventually accept that teaching job, which the Math department offered you last week.

Third, start buying good, quality clothes that you can wear to the office as early as now. Stop buying walking shorts and t-shirts because you already have more than enough. You’ll thank me for this when you get your first corporate job two years from now.

Fourth, when you go home tomorrow after you unpack your stuff in your room. Open your box of old high school textbooks and look for Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. You’ve read that once in high school for a book review, you should read it again and this time, apply what it says to your life.

And lastly, remember that learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from college – so continue studying. Learn about the stock market, I know you’ll enjoy that. Buy a book about entrepreneurship, because that will eventually become your passion.


I guess this is a good time to end my letter.

I know you’re hoping that I’ll give you the winning lotto numbers tomorrow, but I don’t think it will do you much good.

It’s not that I don’t want to make life easy for you. Please don’t think of it that way. Instead, think of it as my way of encouraging you to become the self-made millionaire that you deserve to be.

Again, congratulations, and take care of yourself. Remember that no matter what happens, things always get better.

All the best,

You future self

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Photo credits: penmanila and missjoyce


  1. cool! so you’re about 42 right now? the letter is really awesome, but why did you write to your old 21 year old self? why not 10 or 30 year old you?

  2. I’ve seen a couple of these types of letters – I seriously have to do one myself. It’s amazing how much it puts things in perspective. Things that we thought was such a big deal back then end up being insignificant. Things that we worried about ended up working out for the best. Decisions we thought were good at the time end up to be not the best move.
    Funny enough, I have a few “time capsule” letters that I’ve written to myself to open in the future… but never thought of writing one to the past me.
    Love the concept.

  3. This really puts my life in perspective. Despite all hardships I’ve been going through since graduating from UP, I hope that one day this would be the kind of letter I’ll be giving to my present day self. I’m 23yo and I’ve just recently started learning about financial freedom. Your articles really help a beginner like me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this subject πŸ™‚

  4. This one’s nice to have., will prepare one too. even the time capsule one’s. Thanks all!

  5. This is awesome. It’s great that you’re still friends with your college buddies even through distance. You should pass that book on to another young person πŸ™‚

  6. Super kaduper COOL, Kuya Fitz! πŸ™‚ hahahaha.. Pwede pakopya ng concept? But that would make me a letter to my 16-year old self. hahaha! πŸ˜€ Pero na-excite ako. Makagawa na nga. Hehehe! ^_^

  7. Ang galing, Kuya Fitz! πŸ™‚ After an hour and a half, I made my own version. hehehe.. Here’s the link: http://lynlyns.blogspot.com/2012/03/letter-to-my-16-year-old-self.html

    ^_^ 2am na dito ngaun sakin, pero I had a great time looking back to my old self 10 years ago. Thank you for this inspiring post. Thank you for being a source of inspiration. Hope to really meet you in person. (Friends pla kau ng college friend ko na c Hannah.) I saw your pics. πŸ™‚ God bless lagi! πŸ™‚

  8. @Julie
    I agree. Writing these types of letters help in putting things in perspective for you.

    Moreover, it makes you wonder how many of your current worries will become insignificant for you in the future – so it’s always best to keep your optimism and believe that everything always works out for the better.

    I think all of us would want that. πŸ˜€

    Oh I’m sure it would all work out for you. Thank you for appreciating my blog.

    I never really thought about that. You’re right, I would pass that book on. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Galing nyong writer Boss Fitz, the content of your articles talagang informative and sincere. First time ko to comment. I forgot how I’ve come over to your site (a year ago na kasi yun) pero when I first read one of your articles napa-subscribe talaga ko to receive feeds via e-mail.(may folder ka pa talaga sa mailbox ko) recommend ko talaga site mo to my friends, more power and continue to inspire more readers!

    P.S. reply ka naman sa post ko Idol, appreciate it!hehe..

  10. Hi Michael. Salamat at nire-recommend mo ang site ko sa friends mo, at thank you din dahil naka-subscribe ka. πŸ˜€

    I always try to do my best to give you and all my readers informative articles here, and I’m glad that you find it that way. I appreciate it likewise.

    So ayun… napa-reply ako bigla, haha!

    Anyway, wishing you all the best in all your endeavors. Comments such as yours do inspire me to write more and better content here, so again, thank you.

  11. galing, iba ka talaga. marami talaga sa nasa technical fields na grabe din ang artistic and creative sides, nacacapsulized lang kasi sa technical side ang karamihan. ang maganda sa letter na to, kung mababasa ito ng mga 21 yr olds ngayon. They will really learn a lot from it, ako nga na nasa age na to (almost like you Fritz, but a bit younger, hehehehe) e andaming natutunan na, mas lalo pa sila. Thanks! subscribed na ko sa yo fritz. idadagdag na rin kita sa list of mga blogs na finofollow ko dun sa bagong panganak kong blog. Salamat!

  12. Sir, you really amaze me. I am already a fan.i love reading all your articles! Learned so much from you. Please keep it coming. . . Thanks!

  13. Sir Fritz I always look up you… I wish I can turn back time and had the same fun in life as yours…

    I’ve rad your blog, very helpful and inspiring…. but on my side I can’t apply it all, All I can do is read it and eventually someday share to others.
    Thanks and Godbless!!!

    Have a wonderful trip in Thailand..

  14. When I look back and think about sending my younger self a letter such as this, I know that I will also have to learn to forgive. I need to forgive myself for those small but stupid things I did when young. Guess what, I still did stupid things in later life. In my early fifties I bought a WANT with the excuses that it was an investment, will be useful on the farm, may appreciate in value etc. etc. Life circumstances change and I decided to come to the Philippines to try out life on this side of the pond. Today, I wish I could tell my younger self “what on earth were you thinking, man?” I had to sell my ten thousand dollar (yes that was US Dollars) “investment” for junk price. If I recall, I got about $1,500.00 USD for “it.” Yes, I am having a hard time forgiving myself for this one. When I write the letter, I will be sure to mention to my younger self all the opportunists an additional half million pesos would open for me these days in the Philippines!

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