7 Ironic Things That People With a Poor Mindset Do

Updated: April 21, 2021

“I wish I could travel as much as you do,” a friend told me one day.

“You can, if you plan for it well,” I replied.

“It’s easy to plan, but my budget is tight,” he shares.

“Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Besides, you can always find ways to earn extra income to fund it,” I suggested.

“Well, I wish I could afford the time to do some freelancing, but I’m always busy with work,” he confesses.

“Yeah, too bad,” I sympathized.


“Anyway,” he says as he changes the subject. “Do watch Arrow? This third season is turning out to be pretty good and that last episode was totally amazing!”

“Seriously?” I reacted with amusement.

A lot of people wish they have more time to do what they’ve always wanted – travel, pursue a hobby, start their own business – but too often, you will find them wasting a lot of time watching television or gossiping about the lives of their favorite celebrities.

1. Poor people wish they have more time to do what they want, but they waste their time doing things that are not important.

We’re all given 24 hours a day. Rich people value time, and they always maximize their waking hours doing the things that will take them closer to their goals.

2. Poor people wish they could save more money, but they are not willing to study and control their spending.

Rich people track their expenses and follow a budget. Poor people think that’s too much work, so they don’t do it.

3. Poor people buy insurance for their cars, but they do not buy life insurance.

Is your car more important than your life? Rich people know that it’s necessary to protect their loved ones from a financial disaster.

4. Poor people are afraid to invest, but they are not afraid to use their credit cards.

It’s ironic that they don’t want to lose money in the stock market, but they’re perfectly okay with losing money in paying interests on their credit card.


5. Poor people want success, but they do not want to fail.

Ask a rich and successful person about failure, and you’ll hear how important it is to learn how to fail if you want to succeed in life.

6. Poor people dream of becoming rich, but they do not want to wake up and work for it.

Rich people know the value of hard work. They don’t waste time daydreaming, instead they wake up, act and chase their dreams.

7. Poor people want their lives to change, but they do not want to change themselves.

Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Remember that change always starts from within.

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  1. This is perfect! I’m glad I’ve moved from the scarcity mentality to abundance mentality years ago. It hurts to see people I know still clinging on to their “wishful thinking” but aren’t doing anything to change it.

    Sharing to spread the knowledge. :)

  2. This is totally true, it’s a shame but, some of these hits me, but some I have already removed. Thanks for reminding

  3. After reading this great post, the thought crossed my mind: Why not turn this into another home-school lesson as we wait out the corona virus lock-down of 2020. I pray that wife and I are being good examples in how we run our home and business. With this gift of extra time, we can gather the troops and discuss each point in detail. If each person finds even one thing that needs to change, it will be time well spent. I thank you Fitz yet again for the inspiration to do some more family bonding as we learn together.

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