5 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Bank’s Mobile App

Updated: July 31, 2020

Mobile phones have gone a long way. Before, people just use it to make calls and send text messages. But now, it has become an indispensable tool in today’s technology-driven society.

People use mobile phones not just to talk and send messages to other people, but also to surf the Internet, send email, play games, watch videos, read books, use for navigation, and many others. This was made possible, thanks to the thousands of mobile apps that have been developed to do just about anything and everything.

One of my favorite apps, and one which I believe everyone should install, is my bank’s mobile app. Particularly, the Citi Mobile App. I’ve been using it for many years already and it has really become an important part of my personal finance activities.

And my friends agree, for we are all users of our bank’s mobile app. And you should too, because of these five main benefits.

1. Mobility

Do banking anywhere you are. No waiting in line or on the line for a phone banker to help you.

As an entrepreneur, I frequently use the app to send money to suppliers and to instantly check if the payments of my clients have already cleared in my account.

2. Security

I am able to monitor the status of my account any time. With just a few taps, I can see my balance, latest transactions, and available credit limit. It’s easy to see if there’s any suspicious charges on my card.

Moreover, the app can help you instantly lock your credit card in case you lose or misplace it. No need to call customer service. This is very convenient especially if you’re overseas.

3. Productivity

The biggest benefit I get from the app is being able to save time. I don’t need to go out of the house anymore if I need to pay my bills. I just use the app.

Moreover, did you know that charging of bills to one’s card is possible in the Citi Mobile App? Plus, it’s a good way for you to earn more points, miles, or rebates!

4. Savings

The app also helps you save money by giving you a rundown of all the benefits you have as a Citi cardholder.

Moreover, if qualified, you can convert your transactions to installment instantly through the app, so you can leverage on your finances.

5. Convenience

Everything I’ve enumerated above spells convenience. You can do most, if not all of your most common banking tasks, without leaving your house.

And if you have the Citi Mobile App, you can also avail of cash from your card’s available credit limit instantly. This can be helpful especially for cash emergencies.

Final Thoughts

I used to be worried about security when it comes to installing apps, such as those that involve money like a bank’s mobile app. But after using mine for several years without any security issue, I’m convinced that there’s really nothing to worry about.

Moreover, doing mobile banking has allowed me to do more – to focus on managing my businesses and spending more time with family and friends – instead of wasting time going to the bank or paying my bills over-the-counter.

What about you? Do you use your bank’s mobile app? What’s your experience with it? Share it in the comments section and let’s share stories.

Disclosure: Citibank is a content sponsor for this article

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