10 New Year’s Resolutions That You Should Consider Doing

Updated: December 21, 2021

Before the year ends, and if you’re someone who likes making New Year’s Resolutions, then you should know that the best time to start making and doing them is now.

Why? Because you have time to test your strategy, and it helps build momentum – so that when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be off to a strong start.

Most people will choose losing weight and saving more money as their personal goals for the coming year. But may I also suggest these 10 New Year’s Resolutions that I’m sure can help you live a better and happier new year?

1. Stop worrying about things that you cannot control. Instead, learn to adapt.
Instead of wasting time hoping that it won’t rain, just bring an umbrella and stop thinking about the weather.

2. Learn about perseverance. Find a challenge and see it all the way through.
Train yourself to finish a 10-kilometer run. Write a 50,000-word novel.


3. Boost your self-esteem. Set small, attainable weekly goals.
Don’t buy anything for a week. Wake up before your alarm clock goes off for seven consecutive days.

4. Stop taking life too seriously.
Learn a new joke to tell your friends. Share a funny video on Facebook.

5. Eat healthier food.
Find better alternatives to your favorite junk food and stock them up at home. Learn how to cook nutritious meals.

6. Create a body clock and start sleeping better.
Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.

7. Go on a social media diet. Stop using your phone when you’re with friends.
Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter, and more time talking to people in real life.

8. Go out of your comfort zone more often.
Travel to a place you’ve never been to. Speak in public. See a foreign movie.


9. Be more generous in giving compliments.
Learn to say “Thank you”, “Good job” and “You’re awesome!”

10. Find a cause to believe in and put your heart into it.
Be an environmentalist. Promote social equality. Be an advocate for financial literacy.

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  1. Wow. These are actually my resolutions for 2014 with some few tweaks but totally exempted number 8. hehehe. Public speaking is a scare to me eversince. I have fastfood diet as well for my 2014 resolution. And I have been successful with no instant noodles the whole year round. hooray for me. At plan ko ituloy this coming 2015. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this sir.

  2. Nice list. Thanks for always giving great pieces of advice. I find your wisdom and knowledge about life so fascinating that I intend to apply them also to my own life. Kudos Sir Fitz! 😉

  3. I just have one argument, for item 1. If you bring umbrella, this mean you thought about raining already, seems for me a sign of worry anyway.

  4. @jhun
    If you bring an umbrella, I believe it simply means you’re just being prepared. The moment you decide to bring an umbrella, you can now afford not to think about the weather anymore and focus on other things.

    The root of that advise comes from having observed some friends worry too much if it would rain or not tomorrow. Instead of focusing on what they need to do the next day, they’d check weather forecasts, ask friends if they think it will rain tomorrow, or needlessly worry and mumble about the traffic if ever it rains.

    “Uulan kaya bukas? Kailangan ko kaya magdala ng payong? Naku, sigurado trapik na naman bukas kapag umulan!”

    The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to take action that will help you adapt to possible scenarios – such as bringing an umbrella and planning your day accordingly.

    “Magdadala ako ng payong, just in case umulan bukas. Aalis din ako ng mas maaga at tatapusin ko kaagad lahat ng kailangan kong gawin para makaiwas sa trapik.”

    Worry is a sneaky thief of your time. By being mindful of what you’re thinking, you can avoid wasting minutes on “doing nothing” and start using your time more productively.

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