What’s the Perfect Experience? This Industrial Designer Has a Great Answer.

Updated: January 17, 2014

A went to the house of a friend the other day.

When I got there, he texted me that he just went out for awhile and will be back in 10 minutes.

Since nobody else was home except his deaf grandmother, and it would be impossible to get her attention through the doorbell, he advised that I should just wait for him outside until he comes back.

I was about to sit at their front porch when I noticed through a window that his grandmother was sitting in the living room, reading a newspaper.

I approached the window and waited for her to look up so I can get her attention – but she was so immersed with her reading.

Finally, I took off my watch and tried to reflect the mid-afternoon sunlight to her face. It only took me a few seconds to distract her from reading, and make her realize that I was there.

When my friend arrived, I told him how I was able to get in. And he promptly showed me this video about an industrial designer named Jinsop Lee, and his theory of 5-sense design.

This TED Talk, which runs for around 9 minutes, is both interesting and insightful – and a great tool to remember if we want to create multisensory experiences for our business customers.

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