Two #InspiringSuccess Video Stories

Updated: October 7, 2014

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding experience you can have in your life.

I’d say that the discipline, focus and hard work needed to succeed in business is at par with placing in an Ironman Triathlon, or reaching the peak of Mt. Everest.

That’s why I always have deep respect for people who answered the voice in their heads to become an entrepreneur.

Recently, Globe myBusiness featured two inspiring stories that I have left me smiling and nodding in agreement to the struggles and challenges that one must face as an entrepreneur; and that indescribable feeling of achievement when you realize you’ve turned your dreams into reality.

The #InspiringSuccess Behind Size Matters

Santi’s #InspiringSuccess

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  1. I always love watching success story videos, especially coming from fellow Filipinos. Just a real proof that anyone can achieve anything with the right attitude.

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