Top 10 Benefits You’ll Enjoy as a Member of IMG

Updated: April 14, 2020

I became a member of IMG or the International Marketing Group four years ago. Occasionally, I write about my experience with them here.

Most of the stories I shared were about the financial lessons I learned in attending the IMG Wealth Academy. But today, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of the top 10 benefits that every IMG member enjoy.

You’ll see that it’s not just about getting access to free financial education, but more importantly — IMG members have direct access to financial products at discounted prices as well.

1. Financial education workshop

IMG’s current mission is to financially educate 1 million Filipino families before 2020. That’s why more than ever, we are dedicated in promoting financially literacy by giving members free workshops.

Some of the seminars that IMG provides include discussions on practical money management, debt management, financial protection tools, and retirement planning.

2. Free financial check-up

To manage your health, you need to do regular medical check-ups. To make sure that your car is running in good condition, you also need to do regular car maintenance check-ups.

But what about your wealth and finances? When was the last time you had a financial check-up? In IMG, members get free financial check-up and are also taught how to do one.

When I joined IMG back in 2012
When I joined IMG back in 2012

3. Access to estate preservation program

When you die, your assets will be frozen and your family needs to pay estate taxes before it can be transferred to them. Estate taxes go as high as 20% of the current asset value.

So if you have P1 million in the bank, your family needs to pay P200,000 to the BIR when you die, before they are allowed to withdraw that P1 million.

Many use life insurance to cover the cost of estate taxes. However, that’s not the only strategy that can help you minimize estate taxes. IMG members have access to such tools and services through its estate planning partner company.

4. Discount on car, home, property, and other non-life insurance products

The IMG Financial Center is a one-stop shop for financial products. There’s no need to go to different offices because everything is available there at special discounted prices.

For non-life insurance products, IMG is partnered with MAPFRE Insurance, QBE Insurance, Malayan Insurance, UCPB Gen, Prudential Guarantee, and many other insurance companies.

5. Discount from real estate companies

When you want to purchase a house and lot or a condominium unit, you’ll need to go through an agent who will earn sales commission from you.

IMG members bypass that “middleman”. That’s why they can enjoy discounted prices for real estate properties from Vistaland, Ayala Land, DMCI Homes, and SM Development Company (SMDC).

6. Access to affordable life insurance products and services

IMG is partnered with Philam Life, which provides the cheapest term life insurance in the market. It’s a benefit exclusive to IMG members.

Philam Life’s term life insurance offer to IMG is renewable every year, until the age of 70, with terminal illness benefit (TIB) and; with accidental death, dismemberment and disability benefits (ADDD).

7. Access to short-term and long-term healthcare products and services

Most financial emergencies are medical emergencies. Furthermore, the number one expense when a person reaches their senior years is health costs.

IMG is partnered with Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. — a duly-accredited HMO in the Philippines, that provides short-term health insurance, as well as long-term healthcare products for when you reach your senior years.

8. Enjoy zero load benefits to various mutual funds

IMG members enjoy zero load benefits when investing in Soldivo mutual funds, Philam Asset Management Inc. (PAMI) mutual funds, Philequity mutual funds, ATR Kim Eng mutual funds, and Sunlife Financial mutual funds.

Typically, if you want to invest in these companies, you’d have to go to each of their offices. But an IMG member just needs to go to the IMG Financial Center to invest in any or all of these mutual funds.

With one of our mentors, Noel Arandilla, RFP
With one of our mentors, Noel Arandilla, RFP

9. Business ownership program opportunity in the financial industry

For those looking to increase their cashflow and earn more income, IMG offers a business opportunity for members who want to have a career in the financial industry.

This is optional, and you are not required to sign-up for this program. But the opportunity will always be available for you as a member.

10. Opportunities to travel the world for free through the IMG business program

When you participate in the IMG business program, you become eligible to get free international trips to attend conventions and enjoy various local tour packages.

It’s normal for the top performers of the IMG business to travel outside the Philippines at least 3 times a year for around one week every time.


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  1. is it 3700 or 4500 membership fee?

    aside from the membership fee how much is the initial investment cost and subsequent investment?

  2. Hi Jojo. I believe it’s now 4500. It’s a one-time membership fee. After that, it’s up to you how much you’d like to invest, and depending on which investment you’d like to get from the many investment products that IMG is partnered with. I encourage you to attend the free seminar to learn more about your options.

  3. Hi. Once a member, I heard that there is an annual accreditation renewal. What is that for? Do we need to pay that in order to make use of the benefits? thanks 🙂

  4. i have a mom just got her membership and just few months later she there any benefits we can claim?thanks

  5. If a member has convinced 1 individual to be a member, will he receive rewards or incentives from there?

  6. i asked this before but no one replied, why OFW membership is twice as much as when you are in the Phil. Membership should be the same wherever you are. Everything is now digitalized so i do not know why you need to make the membership fee higher for overseas

  7. @t
    Because documents still need to be sent via courier, government agencies like the Insurance Commission do not accept signed digital documents, for example. And administration for overseas transactions also cost more.

  8. hanggang anong idad pwede sumali pra magpamenber napanood ko po ngyon un payo ni doctor jaime lorenzo

  9. I’m an OFW. I have 2 months vacation only and I want to avail the International fee.
    How much should I pay for?
    And where should I pay?

  10. Hello.. What if I’m a member of IMG.. Later on I have an emergency situation.. How can I avail, The benefits if I don’t have any one to follow up..

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