There is No Day Much Better Than Today

Updated: April 15, 2021

It is important to have goals. Because when you set goals, you will begin to receive clarity on how to achieve them.

Your wishes and dreams slowly transition into reachable milestones that you can work for.

However, although I put importance on having such a future-oriented perspective, your focus should nevertheless be on creating as much value as you can today. Because TODAY is what really matters.

The step you take today, and each day, every day, is what will truly take you to all the milestones that you’ve set.

Today is the moment to start. Because the minute you say to yourself that working on your goals can wait until tomorrow, or next week, or next month — it is the same minute that you’ve chosen to give up on your dreams.


Think about what you want in life right now…

Is it to pay all your debts? To gain financial independence? Do you want to start a business?

Have the means to travel and see the world? Are you hoping to secure your child’s education? Are you seeking financial freedom?

Whatever your most significant goals are, remember that its accomplishment starts with the decision to do something about it today.

It can be as concrete as creating a budget, or drafting a business plan, or attending an investment seminar.

It can also be a mindful choice to control your spending. Or to be more optimistic about life, or to foster a belief in life’s abundance.

Write down your goals and do at least one thing each day, that will move you forward and take you closer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as creating an empty spreadsheet and naming it “Monthly Budget”, or buying a notebook for your business ideas, or reading a short article about investing online.

These are all concrete, significant, first steps towards making your dreams come true. And regardless of how much progress you achieve in a day, you will always end up at a better place than where you were yesterday.

It’s easy to define goals. Ask anyone what they want for the future and they’ll have a ready list of hopes and dreams.

But ask them what they’re doing about it today, and you’ll mostly hear excuses.


People who wait for the perfect time to do things are the people who don’t want to achieve anything in life.

They are the people who drift through each day, hoping that something good happens. And then they end up telling themselves after many years, “I have wasted my life.”

Commit to your goals, and don’t lose a day not doing something to move forward.

Remember that there is no better day to start than today.

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  1. If not now, when? No more procrastination. NOW is the time. Hit that button and start with your goal/s.

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