The Joy of Rockets

Updated: April 12, 2008

A few weeks ago, I featured Richard St. John and his talk on what leads to success. If you enjoyed that video, then you’ll like this one also taken from TED. If this is the first time you’ve heard about TED, then you should know that it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is an annual gathering of the greatest thinkers and doers of our time. Imagine the most successful people in the world under one roof and sharing and exchanging ideas – that’s TED.

Anyway, the video I’m sharing today features investor and venture capitalist, Steve Jurvetson. He’s the one that brought you Hotmail and is considered as one of the most influential funders and thinkers in Silicon Valley. Last March 2007, Steve shares another side of him as he talks about model rocketry and the stories of the people and kids he often spends time with in his awesome hobby.

Towards the end, Steve mentions that in this dangerous hobby, a lot of things frequently go wrong. Then he asks, despite the numerous mishaps and failures, why do you think these people continue to devote so much time and energy studying rocket science and building model rockets that would often just fail to fly, instantly crash or blow up in mid air? His answer was short, simple and truly inspirational.

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  1. Truly inspirational Fitz! I enjoyed the photos as much as the videos of all those rockets (successful or not) because you can liken them to life. We break, we fall. But through those experiences, we learn. We learn that we can aim higher. Always aim higher.

    Love this site! Really!

  2. Yes, even if we often fail, we should let success be our motivation to persist and try again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, progobbler.

  3. he’s a fast talker. I can hardly catch up with his words. Yet his last words about the photo of the earth was simple yet full of meaning. I wanted to fly like those rockets hehe

  4. Most TED speakers only have three minutes to give their presentation, maybe that’s why he was speaking fast. Nevertheless, the change in the pace of his voice towards the end added more emphasis and drama to the message of his speech.

  5. I agree. He is really good. Actually ngayon ko lang nalaman na hindi pala tao yung TED hehe. kala ko sya mismo yung TED, nickname nya. yun pala prang org. Alam mo you are doing a good job in inspiring people. Keep up the good work Fitz. I’m 100% in support of your cause. I hope someday you’ll be on my OTWOMD Fan because I really want everybody to read your stuff. You have a unique niche. Others kasi like mine tackles inspiration in the spiritual parlance, but your inspirational topics evolves in the secular and financial sphere. Sana lang magets ko minsan yung iba entry mo sa business kasi talagang nosebleeding ako haha. I really have to read more of your entries. This is a new world for me and your blog really introduces me to this new kind of domain.

    Pax et Bonum.

  6. It was the same for me when I was introduced to TED by a friend of mine. Now I’m a regular visitor to that site. It’s an enormous source of information and inspiration.

    Thanks for supporting my advocacy. This blog is a way for me to pay it forward for the blessings I’ve received in my life (financial, social and spiritual).

    Lastly, I’d also like to commend your blog for the inspiring content (not to mention the excellent graphics and layout – I’ll nominate you as Best Blog Design when nominations open up for the Pinoy Blog Awards. Hehe) Anyway, I got acquainted with your blog through Ambo and I can still remember my first comment, “na feeling ko masusunog ako sa blog mo… hehe.”

    That’s all for now and hope to meet you soon IRL.

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