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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Updated: November 10, 2020 | Money Saving Tips, Personal Finance | 3 Comments

The holiday season is just around the corner. If you want to save money on Christmas gifts, now is the perfect time to start planning your budget. Don’t use all your Christmas bonus and 13th-month pay on buying presents. Instead, plan your holiday shopping wisely so you’ll have money left for your savings and investments. […]

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18 Simple Tips to Avoid Impulse Buying

Updated: March 31, 2020 | Money Saving Tips | 4 Comments

Have you ever bought something that you later regret and wished you didn’t buy? This uncomfortable feeling is called buyer’s remorse and we experience this especially when we buy something on impulse. Most people will agree that impulse buying is bad. But why do we sometimes succumb to it? And more importantly, what can we […]

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The Science of Shopping: 9 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Tricked To Spending More

Updated: February 28, 2020 | Money Saving Tips | 2 Comments

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the retail industry in the country generated a total gross income of P566.8 billion back in 2012. If this was your net worth, you’d actually be richer than the Ayala heirs, Iñigo and Mercedes Zobel. With that much money going around in this sector, it’s not a surprise that […]

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10 Practical Ways To Avoid Overspending When Shopping

Updated: March 27, 2019 | Money Saving Tips | 2 Comments

Buyer’s remorse. This is the anxiety and regret that a person feels after making a purchase. It happens when you buy something expensive, or whenever you purchase an item on impulse, and especially if it’s also something you can’t really afford. Overspending when shopping, whether you’re in the mall, department store or in the grocery, […]

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5 Expensive Shopping Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Updated: November 11, 2020 | Money Saving Tips | 7 Comments

I can understand why people love shopping. It’s fun and it feels good to spend. And as long as you don’t buy stuff you cannot afford, then you’re okay in my book. However, having the money to spend doesn’t excuse you from making smart spending decisions. That is unless you want to end up broke […]

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10 Money-Smart Tips For Buying Christmas Gifts

Updated: December 7, 2019 | Money Saving Tips, Personal Finance | 11 Comments

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I bet your list is not yet complete because no matter how often we hear the immortal advise to shop early for Christmas, we tend to still continue buying gifts all throughout the holiday season. Personally, I start my Christmas shopping during the first two weeks of December. […]

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