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How to Handle Friends Who Financially Take Advantage of You

Updated: January 10, 2020 | Personal Finance | 4 Comments

Friends are one of life’s greatest treasures. We love them, and would do everything we can to help them in times of need. However, we sometimes get “that friend” who takes advantage of us financially, especially when they know that we make more money than them. They’re not necessarily bad friends. In fact, most of […]

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How to Know if You Are Financially Ready to Get Married

Updated: December 5, 2018 | Personal Finance | 1 Comment

Getting married is a major life decision. Apart from the changes in lifestyle that marriage brings, it also has a big impact in a person’s financial state. As such, it is important to have these four considerations, so as to determine if one is already financially ready to tie the knot and start a family. […]

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Money Issues That Couples Should Talk About

Updated: February 14, 2020 | Personal Finance | 5 Comments

Looking for the love of your life can be hard. But once you find it, you’ll discover that even harder, is keeping the flame always burning. Back in 2006, a study was conducted by Money Magazine and they discovered that couples fight twice more about money than sex inside the relationship – with 13% of […]

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