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7 Bad Money Habits That Pinoys Must Stop Doing

Updated: April 26, 2020 | Mindsetting | 6 Comments

What you believe controls your thoughts, which then dictates your actions. And having unhealthy beliefs about money will definitely lead to bad financial habits. Below are seven money mindsets that a lot of Filipinos have. And among the major reasons why a they’re financially poor. Check yourself against them. Take action on eliminating and then […]

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What Guys With Six-Pack Abs Can Teach You About Becoming Rich

Updated: August 21, 2019 | Life Lessons | 6 Comments

I admire people who have six-pack abs. As someone who’s been trying to get those ever since college, I know how it’s almost impossible to achieve those cuts. The closest I’ve been able to get was a flat tummy during my senior year, which quickly disappeared after I graduated and started working. And after that, […]

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