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Learn How To Be an Online Freelancer with this FREE Workshop

Updated: June 6, 2020 | Announcements, Freelancing, News and Events | 2 Comments

UPDATE: The free workshop is now over. We’re now on a global recession, and everyone has been affected by this pandemic. I’m sure each one of us have been affected by this in one way or another. Some Filipinos have already lost their jobs while others are thinking of resigning due to health and safety […]

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I’m Going to the Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Forum 2020

Published: January 5, 2020 | Announcements, News and Events | 1 Comment

A new year means new things to learn. And I’m starting off this year by attending the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum 2020. This event gathers aspiring and successful business owners and freelance professionals under one roof to share knowledge, experiences, and aspirations. The goal is to hasten the growth of their businesses and their professions; […]

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Eight Steps To Freelance Awesomeness by Jayvee Fernandez

Updated: July 24, 2020 | Freelancing | 10 Comments

Jumping ship from being an employee to a freelancer can be scary. In my life, I’ve unfortunately seen so many friends who’ve tried and failed at it. Almost all of them eventually went back to the corporate world with a promise that they’d never try something so “risky” again. On the other hand, I’ve also […]

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