Eight Steps To Freelance Awesomeness by Jayvee Fernandez

Updated: July 24, 2020

Jumping ship from being an employee to a freelancer can be scary. In my life, I’ve unfortunately seen so many friends who’ve tried and failed at it.

Almost all of them eventually went back to the corporate world with a promise that they’d never try something so “risky” again.

On the other hand, I’ve also witnessed a handful who jumped off the cliff, soared high, and never looked back.

When asked about that experience, all of them would interestingly say that quitting their job to become a full-time freelancer was the best decision they made in their life so far.

That’s how great the feeling was for them!

Meanwhile, quite recently, a blogger-friend, Hannah, asked the freelancers in our online social network how do they manage to survive on their own.

Many offered good advice. One of them was Jayvee, who shared eight tips I found so awesome, it’s worth a post here.

If you don’t know Jayvee, he’s the great-looking guy beside the other great-looking guy in the photo below. He’s now also the Head of Branded Content in Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation.


Anyway, enough introduction and on to the tips. Thus presenting…

Jayvee’s Eight Steps To Freelance Awesomeness

  1. Determine the minimum amount of cash you need to survive.
  2. Find work that’s “no brainer but regular” that will help you reach that amount of money you need per month for expenses.
  3. Use the free time to find more awesome sidelines as you already have a base pay per month.
  4. Don’t distract yourself with unnecessary activities that will use up your 24 hours.
  5. In a day, remember, only 24 hours in a day. You need to maximize income per hour.
  6. Capitalize on strengths (i.e. your blog: find your own ads… no more xdeal. CASH.)
  7. Give yourself 4 months per item. If it doesn’t work, stop and find others. You have ONE enemy — TIME.
  8. Remember, “exposure” is something you do from age 18-25. Onwards, you need to level up your career so you’re confident by 30.

These are his exact words (with just a few edits for clarity).

So are you a freelancer? Do you have any other awesome tips you can share? Please do by leaving a comment below.

Lastly, you might also want to check out my article series entitled, Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer.

By the way, a special “thank you” goes out to Jayvee for allowing me to post his awesome tips here.

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  1. I’ve tried the freelance path but sadly failed. But that was just one attempt. And I was too young when I did it and as the #1 tip here said, I didn’t know what my base money was and I didn’t earn it yet. I guess in a few more years time, I’ll be fully capable to become a freelancer again. :)

  2. You can also try having multiple income streams that would fill your daily schedule. We usually have 12-16 hours of working time then 8 hours of sleep. You can always breakdown those working hours into 3 different income-generating hobbies (like writing, teaching/tutoring, handicraft, coaching, etc), which when the-small-but-multiple income are added, it amounts to your monthly expenses.

    Then any other income-generating hobby or “raket” that can fit into your schedule (either in between hobbies, and in the weekends), you can use for personal savings or leisure activities.

  3. Hi Fitz,

    I always make sure to read every issue of Ready to be Rich. I learn so much from you and other contributors.

    I am one of the plenty who started leaving my employer(the government)and try my luck in business world. The mini-grocery and internet cafe we put up have started earning but sorry to say I wanna quit.Well the spirit is high but the body is weak. Plus some other factors which are personal.

    Since the grocery and internet cafe slowly consume me I thought of renting out the stalls where our bus. is housed but to my surprise, the real owner who is my niece seems disappointed with my plan. Now she wants the whole place sold. Please help me advertise the property. How much will it cost. I just don’t know how to advertise on the net please help me and let me know of the charges. Tnx a lot and Godbless!


  4. I’ll be two years next month on being a freelancer in oDesk. With my working experiences in the corporate world, I really don’t last for a year. Actually, 10 months would be the longest. It just so happened that napagsabay ko ang full-time job sa company and ginawa kong part-time yong oDesk. nagkasakit ako and I realized that if I stay focus sa online job (will make it full-time) for sure kikita ako nang malaki. Making that decision was not really a regret and I now enjoy being a freelancer. Honestly, mas may naipon ako ngayon sa pagiging freelancer kesa yong nag work ako sa corporate world.

    I’m happy to say that I have saved and invest some of my money. Pakunti-kunti lang naman at least may passive income kahit kaunti. I am very thankful to God na hindi ako nagkakasakit. Mapapasarap ang kain mo sa bahay. Noong nag work ako sa company, nagkakasakit ako tapos pumapayat pa ako lalo. Advantage sa akin ang pagiging freelancer. Of course, I can have own my time maiiwasan ang pagiging late sa work. hehehe!

    Being a freelancer is not easy and it’s not easy money. Patience is virtue. Eto pala Odesk profile ko.

  5. Hi Sir Fitz,

    I’ve been a follower of your blog since 2010 and I’ve learned SO MUCH from reading your articles and advises on business and freelancing.
    I took the “plunge” into freelancing last May and I must say… it’s the best decision I’ve made. The feeling of being free from employment is really really great. No boss, no tax :P and you have all the time in your hands. Best thing about being a freelancer is that I get to be with my husband and daughter 24/7… it’s the best thing in the world.

    One thing I can advise to those who are new to freelancing or aspiring to be one is never forget to take a break. Freelancing can also be stressful at times, so if you’re stuck at one point or if the pressure of your project and money issues are too hard to handle… take a breather … go out and have fun.

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