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12 Signs That You’re Doing Good Financially Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

Updated: May 30, 2020 | Mindsetting, Personal Finance | 21 Comments

Financial freedom is a long journey, and sometimes it can feel as though you’re not making any progress at all towards achieving this goal. It’s normal to feel uncertain about your future, and be doubtful of your financial progress. That’s why it helps to remind yourself once in a while, of how much you’ve actually […]

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How To Know If You’re Financially Stable

Updated: January 26, 2020 | Personal Finance | 7 Comments

How do you know if you’re financially stable? If you have a high-paying job, does it automatically mean that you are? What if you own a house and drive your own car, would you say that you are financially stable already? For many, that’s how they define financial stability – and sadly, this is wrong. […]

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