SunShorts Feature: The Debt

Updated: September 8, 2012

Do you have life insurance?

That’s the question I asked about a month ago in my post entitled, On Life Insurance and Heartwarming Stories.

And the answer I gave there was simple:

If you have dependents, then you should have one.


For many reasons, but personally, the most important one is because we never really know when we’ll die – and when that time comes – the last thing that I want my family to worry about is money.

I’d want them to take their time to grieve, without having to carry additional financial burden, and be able to move on with their normal lives as soon as possible.

Moreover, I believe that having life insurance makes it possible for me to extend and fulfill my duties as a provider for my family, even beyond death.

Unfortunately, not many Filipinos realize this and I’ve seen first-hand from friends, how the death of the household breadwinner can drastically affect and change one’s life.

And that is why I am glad that Sun Life Philippines has created this project called SunShorts, a series of five digital short films which tries to show us the benefits of being prepared for life’s many unforeseen circumstances.

Below, is the fourth, and latest installment of SunShorts – a seven-minute film entitled, “The Debt“. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Fitz,

    Thank you for helping not only Sun Life but as well as other group in educating and encouraging every Filipino to prepare for their future for the sake of their families. Hope we soon reach the point where other nations are, fully aware of ways to manage finances and appreciate the benefits of all forms of insurance – health. life and non-life.

  2. Great call Fitz. It’s really an important investment, not for the money return, but for the sake of the family.

  3. If you’re already convinced that you need to get a life insurance policy because you have dependents, the next things to carefully think about are which policy to buy and from which insurance company. Although you may have zero knowledge about insurance, putting all your trust to an insurance agent is unwise. You want to maximize your insurance coverage with the price you can afford. Agents, generally, want to maximize their commission. Not all of them but most of them. If you’re employed, you probably already has life insurance benefits. If you don’t, just get term.

  4. Life Insurance in my own observation in our country is being less prioritized. People are not really aware on why where and when to avail this. Aside from that majority of us can’t afford to have even the minimal policy. But this must be consider a need. Thanx again sir fitz you’re really a very responsible blogger. You gave us additional education about life insurance.

  5. I just watched this short film and this strengthen my belief on the importance of having an insurance (I actually have five VUL from four different insurance companies). My mom have been opposing this coz she relates the word “insurance” with “death” and that thought scares her. Well, my main purpose of having VUL is for retirement and death benefit is just secondary. Anyway, I hope more and more Filipinos will open their minds and realize its importance as depending on the plan, may it be VUL or term, we all have to prepare as death is inevitable and we wouldn’t want our family to cry not only because of our death but also our debt. More power and God bless you, Fitz.

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