Professionalizing The Way You Work: How To Start Getting Digital with your Business

Updated: January 2, 2015

Simpler processes, faster operations. In this day and age of mobility, technologies such as the latest gadgets, cloud computing and the countless applications are available at the disposal of business owners as well as entrepreneurs to accomplish work efficiently at the speed of “NOW”.

Wish there was a start-up kit for your business to go digital? Here’s a checklist of three of the most important things you need to do to get started with digital for your business:

1. Switch to professional email

Nothing says official like your own domain for your business’ website. Further establish credibility with your consumers by switching to your own business email!

Goodbye ‘’ or ‘’. According to a recent survey of “Young Businesses”, owners saw a whopping 60% increased customer engagement, 59% improved customer trust, and 42% increased sales when they switched to professional email.


2. Switch to file sharing

In the same study, business owners agree that online file sharing enhances team efficiency. But what is “file sharing” anyway?

With file sharing, documents are stored on a cloud and are accessible to those with whom the link is shared to. Team members can collaborate, edit, comment and more on the go and all at once. This saves a lot more time and effort (not to mention – trees!).


3. Switch to video meetings

Sure, physical meetings will always be better but at the age where video conferences are readily available, you can be half way across the globe and STILL be able to attend the monthly town hall.

Thanks to technology, location, traffic, and cost of travel and time are now inexcusable. This isn’t your old-school voice con call. You can share presentations through screen-sharing, meet with 14 different people from different locations at the same time (and actually see their faces!) with the advanced capabilities of apps like Google Hangouts.


Get things done with Google Apps via Globe myBusiness

Google Apps does all of the above and more to give your business that much needed digital upgrade. This is your “startup kit”.

Business owners like you can now conduct their operations with professional e-mail through customized Gmail, online storage and shared calendars via Google Drive, video conferencing with Google Hangouts and other work efficiency tools.

The complete range of applications runs through the cloud, allowing you to tighten collaborations and perform work virtually anywhere using the latest devices.


Here in the Philippines, the best way to get started with Google Apps is through Globe myBusiness. You can get Google Apps for Business for as low as PHP 210 per user as an add-on to your existing Globe mobile postpaid and internet plans.

Not only do they have 24/7 tech support from Google-certified experts from Globe at the chance you’re experiencing problems or going through trouble-shooting, but they also give their customers a tour/tutorial of the suite when they sign up for a trial.

Globe Senior Vice President for myBusiness Martha Sazon said, “As their trusted business advisor, we would like mSMEs to reach their goals by providing them the technologies and tools to streamline their work and enable their growth. Google Apps for Business is one such. Since we at Globe use it as a company, we would like mSMEs to experience the wonderful way we work by also letting its full range of features help them in their operations.”

“Getting their businesses on Google Apps for Business will positively impact how they do their work. More importantly, their subscription with Globe myBusiness assures them that their service is backed-up by Globe, the Google-certified telco reseller in the country,” she added.

As a wonderful treat for business owners, Globe myBusiness gives you the 30-day free trial to Google Apps for Business, and it comes with the full onboarding support to help get you started.

For more information on Globe myBusiness Google Apps for Business, text GOOGLE APPS to 26822.

You can also call their dedicated hotlines at (02) 730-1010 in Luzon, (032) 401-1010 in Visayas and (082) 321-1010 in Mindanao or visit Globe myBusiness.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Globe myBusiness

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