On Japan Airlines, Leadership and Role Models

Updated: September 23, 2017

Japan Airlines or JAL is the flag carrier of Japan, much like how Philippine Airlines (PAL) is to our country.

And despite being one of the top ten biggest airline companies in the world, JAL is certainly not exempt from the bad economy.

In fact, back in January 2010, they filed for bankruptcy protection from the government after experiencing losses of up to ¥100 billion (US$1.8 billion) in a single quarter.

Fortunately, a little over a year after, Japan Airlines has managed to get out of its bankruptcy state already and is now slowly getting back on its feet.

Now why am I talking about JAL?

Because back in 2008, when Japan Airlines was heavily downsizing to cut company losses, CNN made a special feature about Haruka Nishimatsu, JAL’s President and CEO during that time.

His story, during those difficult times for his company, showed the world what it really means to be a leader. The short news clip below tells the whole story.

JAL CEO Cuts Pay

Someday, when you become the CEO and President of your own corporation, I hope that you will remember this old news video.

And may it inspire you to strive to always be a role model for your employees. Because entrepreneurship is not just about creating a business, it is more importantly, creating value and serving others.

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  1. This is a very good article, i am very inspired. Success does not always come with having tons or money, its living a life that is more considerate with other people, co-worker, partners and find happiness and contentment with it.

  2. Hi Fitz! I was truly inspired by your blog, so much so that I included it to my list of recommended blogs over Nuffnang’s Blog Day Celebration and…I got in third place! I just wanted to thank you for sharing such inspirational posts, your blog is a must read for every Filipino. I hope you will continue to inspire people like myself, although I am still at school, as early as now, I would like to be knowledgeable in terms finance, and your blog was something that I had to share to my readers. I’d be honored if you could drop by my blog, here’s the link to my entry post: http://notyourordinarybeautyqueen.blogspot.com/2011/08/celebrate-international-blog-day-2011.html

  3. I really admire Japanese work ethics such as this and the discipline they’ve shown during the tsunami crisis. I wish we Filipinos would emulate positive values such as this especially high ranking government officials so that ordinary employees will emulate them instead of following their example of greed.

  4. A very inspiring post. This example by Mr. Nishimatsu reminds me of Lee Iacocca’s own sacrifices when he became CEO of Chrysler in the 1980s.

    True leadership worth emulating. Thanks for sharing, Fitz.

  5. Great article!!! If all US CEOs are as humble as Haruka Nishimatsu (or at the very least 1/4 humble as him), US economy would be booming by now!

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