MOVE, EAT, LEARN by Rick Mereki

Updated: August 23, 2015

I’m sharing with you today three short films that will hopefully inspire you.

Inspire you not only to travel, see the world, and never stop learning – but also to dream and be brave enough to act on those dreams.

Simply called, MOVE, EAT and LEARN – these short films were made by three guys who for 44 days, traveled around 11 countries for something which they call a “trip of a lifetime”.

Commissioned by STA Travel Australia, these short films are directed and produced by Rick Mereki with Tim White as editor and co-producer; and features actor, and prime mover, Andrew Lees.

May these short films get you moving, eating, and learning.

Watch and enjoy!




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  1. It’s my first time checking at site and was quite pleased with the kind of inspirition i got in here

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