Listen: An Inspirational Short Film

Updated: August 16, 2020

What would you do if you had P1,500?

For Josh Ortiz, a young US-based Filipino filmmaker, the decision was easy – make an inspirational short film.

With only $30 as a budget, he was able to produce this 3-minute video about failure, motivation, and success.

Watch and be sure to listen carefully to the words.

Listen by Josh Ortiz

I can’t help but agree at the brutal honesty of these words spoken in the video:

People work hard every day, you can’t assume just because you work hard you’ll succeed… Trust me, no one can stop you from dreaming. But, dreaming is not enough. Wake up and realize that this world owes you nothing.

And I love how it was able to deliver a clear but profound message in the end:

One day you will finally have the opportunity to prove to everyone they were wrong… How you react to failure will determine whether you’re a quitter or a winner… If you have the courage to try again, you already won.

“Listen” is written & directed by Josh Ortiz and it’s his official entry to “Project Greenlight”, a documentary series on HBO that could earn him a chance to make a feature film with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as executive producers.

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  1. And that was truly motivating, “If you have the courage to try again, you already won.” I can feel the wods..

    Thanks for sharing Sir Fitz!

  2. very inspirational,. Failure is not a reminder that you have lost but a reminder that you need to stand right back up.

  3. The harsh truth is that the world honestly owes you nothing. For awhile I was really bitter when things weren’t going my way but I think the process of realizing you have to truly work for things in life was a growing experience.

  4. My suggestion: take a minute to copy the link at the top and share this with others. You never know who may be feeling a bit down today and need a small “boost” to get them back on track.

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