Life Lessons From A Farmer’s Son

Updated: June 11, 2021

Last year, I had the privilege to attend a 3-day workshop organized by the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) on Global Entrepreneurship.

It was a great experience because apart from the business knowledge I gained, I was also able to network with several successful entrepreneurs.

Among those who I met was Sir Dado Banatao, who was extremely generous with entrepreneurial advice during the workshop.

Today, I’m sharing with you his life story, because I believe it is one that all aspiring entrepreneurs should watch.

“My story could be your story. As Filipinos, it must be our story.” – Dado Banatao

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  1. Being entrepreneur is a process. Thanks for a very inspiring video and help motivate myself to continue being entrepreneur despite of many adversity.

    God Bless Sir Fitz for sharing your skills in Entrepreneurship.

  2. Thank you for this Awesome and Inspiring video. I am nearing retirement and this will help on my Idle time.

  3. Being a Mapua Alumni, I had the honor meeting Engr. Dado at Mapua and i have to say he is such an inspiration. Im glad they made this video.

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