Infographic: 7 Productive Things To Do on a Rainy Day

Updated: September 1, 2023

What do you do when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day? For most of us, sleeping would be the answer.

I won’t argue the benefits of sleep, especially if our overworked bodies are craving for the much-needed rest. But if you’re hoping to be a bit more productive while at home, then here are seven things you can do.

7 Productive Things To Do on a Rainy Day

1. Sort and clean around the house.
Play your favorite music while you reorganize.

2. Learn how to cook a new recipe.
Ask your mom to teach you her best dishes.

3. Try some indoor exercises.
Search for videos and do yoga in the living room.

4. Weed out your social networks.
Unfriend and unfollow the negative people.

5. Reconnect with old friends.
Say ‘Hi’ and ask what they’ve been up to lately.

6. Search for income opportunities.
Read and learn how people make money online.

7. Make a 3-year life plan.
Set a few medium-term goals you can work for.

Here’s an infographic version:


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  1. Nice tips. I haven’t really seen these before. Its always hard to find something to do on a rainy day.

  2. Hello, Sir Fritz! WRITE ON! You’re articles truly are helpful. Let me just add, learn to play a new song with an instrument or learn a new song to sing for your next videoke date with friends. lol. …I find it kind of amusing that all the things you have listed in this article I have kind of did one way or another. I hope it’s an indication that I’m on my way to achieving the same mindset that you have. All in God’s time. Continue to WRITE ON. You rock. God bless you always.

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