I’m Going To WebCamp 2012, and You Should Too

Updated: October 31, 2012

I’d like to announce that this site is an official blog partner of the first ever internet business super conference in the Philippines – WebCamp 2012.

Slated to happen on November 28, 2012 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City – this is the must-go-to event for anyone who’s ever wanted to make money online.

WebCamp 2012 will feature four of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the country today, namely:

Jorge Azurin
He is the #1 expert on membership sites who earned six figures (in US dollars!) on his executive book summary service and sold it to one of the biggest content publishers in the world.

His talk, “How to Create Your Lean, Mean, Money-Making Online Machine” will teach you how you can develop a lucrative membership site that generates automatic passive income for life.

Ian del Carmen
He is the #1 Internet marketer in the Philippines who made a lot of money selling e-books and other digital products and now runs an Internet marketing empire catering to over 70,000 clients worldwide.

His talk, “How to Build Your Own Internet Marketing Empire” will teach you how to make money online through affiliate marketing and selling your own digital products.

Eireen Diokno-Bernardo
She is the #1 e-commerce specialist in the country who is an eBay Power Seller endorsed by eBay, PayPal, and UnionBank and who has trained thousands of budding online entrepreneurs.

Her talk, “Run Your Own Global E-Commerce Business” will teach you how to use e-commerce platforms to sell your products to the international market.

Chris Ducker
He is the #1 virtual outsourcing service provider in the Philippines offering virtual assistance and call center services to the world and a fast rising blogger in the international scene.

His talk, “Build Your Personal Brand & Sell Your Expertise” will teach you how to start your own virtual outsourcing business.


  1. You will get so inspired from the success stories that you will be super motivated to start or grow your online business.
  2. You will discover various online business opportunities or new income streams you have not considered before.
  3. You will learn from successful Internet entrepreneurs who will share their secret strategies that can work for you and mistakes they made that you should avoid.
  4. You can network with like-minded Internet entrepreneurs and service providers you can possibly partner or collaborate with.
  5. You will learn how to monetize your passions and expertise to earn the income you want and achieve the lifestyle you dream of.


  • Buy 1, Take 1 promo rate: if you pay today, October 31: P1,995 (+VAT)
  • Pre-registered rate: if you pay between November 1-15: P2,495 (+VAT)
  • Regular rate: if you pay between November 16-24: P2,995 (+VAT)

I’m definitely going to this event and hope that I’ll be able to meet some of you there. To register, simply follow the banner ads above or click here.

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  1. IF they are really rich why we should pay? It’s confusing I thought rich people become philantropist when they already achieve their goals… It seems people nowadays become more greedy to money its like the more the better…When will god wipe out our world?

  2. signed up na! fitz, just a question, do i get an extra ticket for the buy one take one deal? i didn’t get any tickets yet in my email. thanks!

  3. @Claudine
    No worries, I’m sure I’ll share here some of the things I’ll learn during the conference. 😀

    Yup, he’s the same person. Actually looking forward to his talk, I’ve heard he’s a great speaker.

    That’s also a question I usually have… but then I realized, most of the fees go to the organizer and not to them.

    Although, truth be told, there will be those who would upsell you their full course during these seminars (and that’s how the speakers really earn).

    But I think that’s only fair because as that resource person… you’re actually creating competition by sharing your knowledge – so might as well earn from them.

    The most important factor for me actually is researching how credible these people are… did they become rich doing the business that they’re teaching? Or did they become rich from teaching their business?

    That’s two very different scenarios and one should avoid the second type – “mentors” who became wealthy from teaching a “supposed profitable venture”.

    Lastly, from experience, I know that most of the things they’ll teach you can be learned for free with self-education. So attending these seminars simply means paying for the time you’ll save in trying to learn them by yourself.

    Yes, you get an extra ticket for free. If you need help, just send me an email and I can get in touch with the organizers and assist you with your concern. Just use my contact form to reach me. 😀

  4. darnit why didnt i read this post before oct 31, i wish i could have bought the buy 1 take 1 promo, one for myself, the other for my husband!

  5. Same here, I would love to attend but I’m based overseas. I would like to know how to sell e-books online and how to expand e-commerce business. For now, I am using Multiply as my venue to sell retail products. 🙂

    Kuya Fitz, I listened pla to your interview on ANC OnTheMoney last night. Kaka-upload lng nila yesterday. Congrats to YOU! Continue to be an inspiration to us. Remain blessed.

  6. SEMINARS like this are boring and will only waste time.

    They only teach you the basics or the general idea of everything.

    If you want a bad-ass seminar, attend the underground ones, where they will encourage you to think outside the box and comprehensively teach you the methods.

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