How To Resell Items Online As A Business

Updated: March 27, 2013

One of the best ways to make extra money these days is to sell stuff online.

Furthermore, aside from selling your own products, people are now taking advantage of reselling other people’s products.

A friend of mine, for example, sells homemade soaps and beauty products online, through Multiply. Her business is doing great despite the fact that she’s just a reseller and just buys those items from a small store inside her village.

By opening your mind, being creative and thinking out-of-the-box – one can take discover and take advantage of such income opportunities.

That’s something that Richard, our guest blogger for today, has recently realized.

Let’s read more of what he has to say in his contributed article below.

Making extra cash isn’t hard but there’s a trick to selling and buying things online.

With any item from ruby rings to tennis rackets, you can use different online resources to get things for cheap or free and resell them on the web for a profit.

It’s basic economics and seeing where you can make money from something is a great ability. A lot of people go online and just try to get rid of stuff that’s been sitting bout their house that they don’t use anymore.

Many times they’ll just give it away but what they don’t realize, or don’t care about, is that these things have real value.

Here’s one of the ways you can harness that market.

First you’ll want to use a social site to look for items either for free or at a reduced cost. You can also use the newspaper but sites like Craigslist is much better because there are people posting new items every day.

Probably one of the best reasons to use it is for the simple fact that it’s free to use. So those who do use it aren’t usually asking for much. It’s a helpful site that allows you to search directly for a specific kind of item you’re looking for or you can browse through hundreds of entries from people wanting to get rid of their stuff.

Once you find something of interest, contact the person and see if they’re interested in bargaining the price. People usually ask for far more than they really will take for it because they’re hoping to make a profit.

Don’t insult them with your offer and lowball with a ridiculous figure, but don’t give them what they’re asking for – and this is if they’re even asking for money at all. Usually people will trade or simply give it to you at no cost.

If you don’t want to spend anything, there is a section on the site that’s just labeled FREE. This is a long list of postings that usually offer an address or number where you can just go and pick it up.

Once you’ve found an item that you think has real value, go on a pay site, like eBay and create an account. This is easily done and it doesn’t cost much.

You will also have to set up a PayPal account so people can send you money, and visa versa, securely. All you’ll have to pay out is a small percentage of what you’re selling the item for.

This is only optional but it’s way better using a site like eBay rather than creating another post on Craigslist or the newspaper. You’re far more likely to get more money from something online.

If you’re looking for free things to resell, or just shopping and reselling online, this is just one way that you can build a small business in your off time.

Do it on your own schedule and when you have a minute and you’re likely to see some big profits, especially if you’re selling things that were free initially. From there it’s nothing but profit.

This guest post is contributed by eBay enthusiast, Richard Michaels.

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  1. Sir,

    Gandang araw po sa inyo.. Nais ko lng po magtanong. Tungkol sa topic,nais ko pong gawin yan,mag hanap ng items sa online sa murang halaga tapos ibenta ko rin sa online sa kunting taas na halaga. Pano po ba ang sistema ng payments? ship muna yun items o dapat bayad muna? ang tinutukoy ko po rito ay hard product hindi po yun digital saka ask ko lng po,yun charge po sa shipping pwede ko po ba ipatong na lng sa price nun items? salamat po.. sana po,mabigyan nyo po ako ng advice.. more power po sa inyo.. godbless..

  2. myself, that’s what I did. I started with the goal of beating the interest from banks then It started from there…
    I really enjoyed it, I got to know more people. Right now, I’ve stopped selling online, I got my money in mutual fund and in the process of observing it.

  3. @ambrocio
    Usually, bayad muna bago ship. Kung local lang, pwedeng bank deposit, GCash, SmartMoney atbp. Maganda rin kung Paypal.

    Regarding shipping, pwede mong sabihin ang price ng shipping at sabihin na babayaran din nila iyon in addition to the price of the item.

    Yung iba, dinadagdag na lang ang price ng shipping sa price ng item tapos sasabihin na “free shipping”. Pwede rin ito as a marketing strategy.

  4. Sir Fitz,

    thanks sa advice..malaki naitutulong ng site mo sa mga kagaya namin OFW.. thanks again.. more power to you.. godbless..

  5. Sir Fitz,

    My brother and I started a multiply site so we could sell brandnew items dito sa bahay. Since Im new to the industry, I offered meet-up/pick-up option muna instead of bank deposits or GCASH. It’s been almost a year pero wala pa ring pumapansin sa site namen. Should I link it to facebook saka sa twitter? Pinost ko na rin sa The range of prices are from 250 pataas. kulang ba sa networking? I would appreciate your two cents’ worth po. Thanks.

  6. Hi reina, yes I think kulang lang sa promotion.

    Making a Facebook page would help, not so much on Twitter though. Create an FB page, invite your friends to become fans and ask for help in promotion.

    Moreover, Sulit is a great place to sell products online but I would suggest on improving your Multiply site and making it independent from links going to Sulit. Find a Multiply store and try to replicate how they manage their site.

    And lastly, don’t forget to also promote your website offline. Distributing flyers can help, as well as participating in bazaars.

  7. I would suggest avoiding paypal as a payment option. If it is possible to have it via bank deposit, G Cash or smart money, or western union it will be better. Paypal have less protection with seller than the buyers. I had experience chargebacks from paypal that almost drain out the small capital that i put up. Anyway I learned my lesson.

    For the possible online seller you can do a search for “Paypal Chargeback “

  8. Hello,

    I want to comment on what Dexter said about PayPal. I agree and disagree. though it is true that PayPal protects the buyer, it equally protects the seller as well. I have been selling online for considerable period of time and only had PayPal as the only means of accepting payments. I think the key is knowing how PayPal works. As to how PayPal protect the sellers you can read it here:

    It also has a good means of resolving issues with the buyer. Again, you just have to know how the Resolution Center Works. I am not in any way affiliated with PayPal, but as a Seller we are also expected to be responsible in making sure that we are dealing with legitimate buyers. One thing I have learned: the billing address should always match the shipping address. And yes, I got scammed in the past because I undermined this basic rule. Not using PayPal though, but with other forms of payment online (which I will not mention). I have lost considerable amount of money as well. My best tip is: never ship an item if you have conflicting billing and shipping address. You may lose some, but you will save yourself from having more troubles. Hope this helps. If you decide to use PayPal–learn how you can be protected as a Buyer.

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